Standing Up A Limb/part II


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Mar 6, 2005
I noticed on another "tree forum" I'm getting bashed for posting these pics a while back. There's a fat 'lil wannabe climber there that has a problem with my lack of a pie cut and since he can't see it, he also lambastes me for not having a second tie in.

Well, I did have a second tie in and I used no backcut because I wanted to stand the limb straight up before releasing it. I don't blame the boy for thinking like he does cuz all he does is palm trees. ;)

Anyhow, I just like the pics.


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Those are cool photos. I've never done any crane work before, but I would assume you'd need a smooth operator (ha!) to do that sort of thing.

As far as criticism goes, I'm just happy to see that you're wearing your head protection.


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hey butch, is your second tie in on that stub your holding onto in the end? I thought i saw a rope around it in the first pics.
I don't ALWAYS t.i.t. In those photos I would feel 100% safe just using the climbing line.
I normally use a notch for standing limbs up, but I don't have to and on small angle change like that, I wouldn't worry about it.

With an asymetrical load that is trying to twist the pic off the stub I'd find it more important.
I stand limbs up like that all the time and I hardly ever use a notch. On the rare occassion that I do notch it, the crane guy usually gives me a hard time for taking so long to make the cut.
, the crane guy usually gives me a hard time for taking so long to make the cut.

how about when you ask them if they want a snap cut or a straight to the boom cut and they yell at you to.....


thanks pal. lol

solid cut on that crane pick and pics from that crane job MB. good stuff.