Splicing Yale Kernmaster 9mm


Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Hi all hows things been going havent been on cause ive been flat out, been doing a bit of splicing the last few days and it is getting much easier every time, but i hate 16 strand!!!! still one that seems to never go to plan, but thats another topic.

Im wanting to splice up a re-direct strop and wondered what taper i should do on the cover of Yale Kernmaster ive tried twice and cant get to core to bury inside the cover, any tips here also is it just a 4,4,5 taper on the cover??

I worked out why the beeline 10mm was extra tight it was just a tighter cover briad the stuff i have now just falls in so im not fighting it.

Any tips on this splice or a better alternative would be great.
Im making up a redirect using a prusic, 1.5m strop and 2 revolvers one spliced into the strop and the other on the prussic, this way it is removable and retrievable ill post some pics up shortly.
There isn't a splice designed/approved by Yale for Kernmaster.

I imagine a splice for it would be similar to a blend between the core-to-core splice with a little bit of the Fly splice mixed in with it.

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What would be a suggestion for an alternative re-direct rope im using the 2 revolvers and a prussic method. Havent got it here though ill take photos soon and post them up
This is how I did mine. Narrow tape sling, cover from any 24 strand rope. Intending to whip/boxstitch the ends of the cover.
Clever idea with the blaze cover. I think I would've made mine out of...maybe beeline? The small diameter. But smaller diameter stuff is more likely to get caught up in the tree.

Maybe Beeline...with a blaze cover over it?!?!?!?

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Looks good but you can make it so it is retrievable and also removable ill be taking photos tomorrow and posting it up but it looks good.
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Well do share them,

heres some photos not in the tree but it is setup the same but the retriever clips on the prussic side and and to remove you use a rope guide ball with a longer string and it jams up and loosen the prussic and it comes out. ill try and get some pics very soon.


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