Splicing New England "Fly"

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So, I have a length of fly that I want to splice. My goal though, is to figure out a way to bury the cover too, so that the splice doesn't have that "grizzly splice look," which gets snagged in tight branch unions, etc...

The New England directions are a little poor, and they highlight how to splice it without really burying the cover. Does anyone here have any ideas about how to bury the cover, or is it even possible? I was thinking that there may be a way to just taper the cover, and pull it under the cover with a wire FID or something. ...kind of by passing the rest of the splice. I dunno, but I'm interested to hear if anyone else does.
I've tried this a few times. I would do it by using a "puller" which is basically a loosely woven piece of thin cordage (about 1/8") a couple feet long. Before burying the core, I would bury the puller. Finish the rest of the splice, then insert the cover tail into the end of the puller and pull it through.

Sounds easy enough, but didn't work. There doesn't seem to be enough slack in the cover to allow it to open up enough to take the full proper Fly splice AND the cover, too. I'm not saying it's not possible. I just couldn't make it happen.

I wonder why NER never figured out a way to do it. It's just such a sloppy looking (though clever) splice!

Switch to tachyon? :)

Did you see the pictures of the Fly splice I made on the splicing tenex and such thread? Here is one of the pictures below. I sort of explained it there, but I need to make a slight correction. This is what I did and it is NOT the manufacturer's recommended way to splice Fly. Mark the size of the eye you want starting about 1 foot from the end of the rope. I opened up the cover at the mark around the 1 foot line below the eye mark and pulled out 6 of the 11 strands and cut them off (staggered not all the same). You need to push the cover down slightly so after you cut the strands it will be buried when you milk the cover. From the eye mark closest to the end of the rope, I counted 5 of the braids and marked them left and right and repeated till the end of the rope. Starting from the end of the rope I pulled out the cover braids that I marked and cut them off to make the cover taper. I then stuck the Toss wand into the cover slightly below the 1 foot marker and out where the eye marker is. Grab the tip of the tapered cover and the 5 strands with the wand and pull the whole thing in. It was simple to do, looks pretty good, BUT I DO NOT KNOW how strong it is. I have climbed on it twice and the splice did not move. I also lock stitched it and put whipping on after I took the pictures.


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That sounds pretty interesting, and the splice LOOKS good. If I find a way to do it, I'll think about cutting it off and testing it. I'm using someone else's rope, and they gave me the go ahead to try whatever. Honestly, if I can work a decent splice in it, I may try and buy the rope from him cause I climbed on it a little the other day and LOVED IT.