Splicing Bail Out

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So I finally heard back from the guys at Samson about splicing Bail Out, and they say definitely no. Apparently the core is the load bearing part, which would require a class 2 eye splice (?), which would mean having at least 24" of bury, which would mean a prusik lanyard made from this stuff could be no shorter than 4'. Even if this length were ok, they say still no splicing Bail Out because it's never been tested with splices and without testing they can't gaurantee that the splices would even hold. :(

It turns out the piece I was given with an eye already in it was done with a class 1 eye splice, which has a short bury that isn't deep enough to ensure the strength of the eye on a line whose main strength comes from the core. The guy I spoke with at Samson was horrified to hear about this, and guessed that it might have a strength of only a few hundred pounds! If anybody is climbing on a piece of spliced Bail Out, you might want to stop using it. Tied eyes only!
I would be willing to bet the double braid spliced bailout can hold....2000 pounds. I won't ever sell one spliced in this manner...but I'd bet money that it'd hold.

Bounce, I think we can work with this. You got the same message I got. On the surface, the message is: You can't splice bailout for hitch cords

But what I see when I look at my notes and your post is simply,

There is not yet a protocol on how bailout should be spliced for use as a hitch cord.

You got a piece of information that I wasn't able to glean from them:

...Apparently the core is the load bearing part, which would require a class 2 eye splice (?), which would mean having at least 24" of bury...

I notice you have a question mark in there. Is this a hunch, or did they say it? I think that Bailout can be spliced safely using the same techniques as the HRC/Beeline splice.

I wonder if Samson will send me a few samples to splice up and then send back for testing.

I currently won't sell spliced Bailout because Samson doesn't know anything about if it can be spliced.

How is bailout made? I'm assuming its a doublebraid of technora / other exotic but then it wouldn't be core dependent. I've never handled the stuff

I'd have thought that provided the core is super strong make it core dependent or use a class 2 doublebraid splice and deal with a long bury. i'm sure Samson have the last word. Has anyone tested a core dependent splice on bailout?