Sherrills new GRCS pricing

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They list the GRCS at a lower price than seen before. However, Greg said that the other vendors will honor this lower price if you don't want to go to them.

I think it is listed in the new catalog at a bill lower but not sure as I have not gotten my new catalog yet.
I stand by the GRCS whole heartedly, for a number of reasons. First, it's one man operation. Second, it was designed by a qualified individual who worked trees long enough to know necessity is the mother of invention. Third, it's cheap.

For those who desire to make a living in the business of treework and feel the GRCS is too pricey they are cheating themselves of the best product they could make money by.

Don't just take my word for it. You will not find any individual or business that has bought and used the GRCS to say otherwise.
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I have seen only two units being sold in the past several years. Recently someone on the Buzz bought one used.
GRCS is a quality rigging tool.

Well worth the money.
I've never bought one but have used one almost daily for over a year.

It has me convinced.
It's great how our understanding of arboriculture (thanks Dr. Shigo and Gilman et. al) is progressing with the tools and techniques of the climbers today. The GRCS is a perfect example this....

I think it is well worth it. I find myself taking the GRCS out of the truck all the time. What a great tool.
On a sidenote, we have cut down on our mixed gas usage since the grcs has been in use. Might be a way to justify it over the long run, if you need to!
I bought mine from Wesspur about 3 years ago for $2395.
We don't use it very often, but when we do, nothing beats it.
It is heavy, takes a little more time to set up than a port-a-wrap, but rigging and lowering with it is unbeatable.
After reading this I am 100% convinced on buying a GRCS. The only problem is that I am looking at upgrading our bucket truck also. Maybe everything can work out. I have a job coming up where the GRCS would be put to good use and then I see this thread that gets me all excited about the product! I noticed not one person has a negative comment either, only great things to say. Yup, now I will be purchasing one soon, thats all there is to it.
I use mine rarely because I live in a rural area where I can get my lift to most things and can bomb them away.

Even still, I estimate the GRCS has earned me at least 1000% ROI in the past 3 years. I consider that a sound financial investment.

Overpriced? What should the GRCS cost? Sure, it's expensive, but I figure it to be priced about right.

The winch alone retails for $17-1800, plus the bollard and frame to hold it all together for another $700 seems about par to me.

Alot of your crane work could be handled with a GRCS, but the GRCS won't haul away a load of one for 1 hours pay. I've done seveal jobs where a crane couldn't get to it so I rigged it out with the winch. Other jobs a crane could get to it but it would either take too long or cost more. Here's an example of how the GRCS made me over $1k free and clear in 2 hours:

we use ours regulaly, i traded my porty to nick and never miss it. might buy another grcs someday for storm work. you seem to get a crane in most every where but other wise youd love it butch, with a qualified groundie