Reminder: Valentine's Day is Thursday


Aug 27, 2006
Central Kentucky
Yeah, I's 'just another day'....but take a minute tomorrow and pick up SOMETHING to show that special person that you really do notice and appreciate that they put up with hard as that can be sometimes.
:love10: :love3: :love4: :love6:
Thanks Che

Thanks Che, you just cost me another $90 :cry:


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Well I suppose a bunch of flowers would be more appropriate than say a new lawn mower :|:

I tried a new shovel once but I was the one that ended up using it. Not exactly what I had planned.

Maybe dinner and a movie.Rent a dvd and buy KFC chicken take out . Oh I'm just a born romantic.
might do a pickup dinner and a movie. I have downloaded a handful the last week or so and the wife is in to small meals now. Who knows, maybe I will make her some fancy eats. :)
My girlfriend's birthday is also on Valentines Day...

So me, her, and our kids are going out to dinner and a movie. We are a regular Brady Bunch!

5 kids in all! :)

Spent since 2:30am last night plowing and sanding this snow/sleet/ice/slush horror show we got going. If she's lucky I'll wake up tomorrow and remember.
You lucky SOB, I've got clear skies warm temperatures and nothing in the forecast. Winter might be over.:(

I'm looking forward to valentines day though.
Yes give the one you love something dead -----flowers


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Well, Valentine's Day is certainly a worthy occasion, popular as it is and all. However, we've decided to blow off the whole valentine's thing completely and instead put our energies into a different celebration, and of course most won't understand.

It's the death of one of our heros. And sunglasses, hat, and cigarette holder are mandatory.


Mah dawg Hunter. :drink:

I knew Butch would understand. :)

That's a GREAT pic! :thumbup:

is that the guy fear abd lothing in L.V. was about??

Yep, most certainly autobiographical. Check out Hell's Angels if you want to read even more autobiographical material.
I loved fear and loathing, read it in my early twenties, reread it a couple times since. Hells Angels was also a good read. :)
I've got reservations for the best table in the most exclusive restaurant in town. My wife loves that kind of shit.
....just another Hallmark holiday. I'll buy her a new vacuum cleaner. ;)

Now that really sucks!

About every day hear is Valentines Day; but then on this particular day we try to make sure we take it to the next level; and then main-tain'dat; so is just anutha ring of growth that might happen here and there over time; but for sure on this set aside day(well were busy on it for 3 daze this year, so close to weekend and all!)!

Happy Valentines Daze Ladys!

Guys, get your heart'on fer her:O....
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He bought the chocolate yesterday, put it in the beer fridge (saw it when I brought out the chili to cool.) That was nice. The sticker said it cost $8.95.

But what really turned me to mush is that before he brought it in when he got home, he TOOK THE PRICE TAG OFF! Doesn't sound like much, but this is a man who's idea of a good first Christmas present was a bottle of wine, in a paper bag, WITH the pricetag (cheap wine at that, lol.) Who says you can't change a man!? Ha! :D
Today is a good day to be in the floral industry.

I bought mine a dozen roses, no chocolate.

And I got a box of Turtles. Sweet!