Remember When Friday Night Meant Something?


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Mar 6, 2005
I do! The end of the week, you gotta pocket full of change, time to go OUT. Man, those were the daze for sure. How I never got a DWI I'll never know, but I would NEVER attempt that crazy shit now. Ahh, what the hell.

Youth is wasted on the young! :drink:
Yup, pocket full of money, chasing the young sweet things, up all night whether you had to work the next day or not!

Good times.
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Saturday night was cool too, but there was just something about friday night. A while ago you were working, and now you're partying! Frig whatever headaches had beset ya! :rockon:
Yeah Butch, it seems like a long time ago. Do it on Friday night, then turn around and do it again on Saturday night.
I work until atleast 11:30 weeknights, so it's been a while.

Still go out after work quite a bit though.

Used to be that you could get ripping drunk on wine around here and the cops would just wave you on through with a nod and a wink.

Those were the daze
I'm still a young dude, just under 30, but I'm still ancient compared to the kids at work. There's a huge difference between me and the 19-25 year olds at work. I'm an old man to them. All my friends are married and pregnant or already have kids.

They don't go out here, as there's only one bar in town. They go to someone's house and play beer-pong and do shots until they all pass out. Meh, not for me anymore. I'm going fishing tomorrow, and am home tonight watching fishing shows on Versus.
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Used to be that you could get ripping drunk on wine around here and the cops would just wave you on through with a nod and a wink.

No way that happens now. I wonder if I'll ever go to a bar again? I mean, two beers and that's enough to go to jail, and I don't plan on ever having a DWI. And what fun is ANY bar if you have to sit there and drink coffee?
I remember the cops, pulling the old man over, him having a beer in his hand. The officer telling my dad to slow it down and to take it easy. As Butch said not today, a friend of my dad's Bill Austin, a detective for the KCMO police, told my dad he could get him off of a murder charge quicker then he could a DWI.
We were always driving to some climbing area or river... didn't drink much but the car was usually pretty smoky.:)
Damn right, drinking is to hard on the body. Wintertime house parties summertime the river. Man we got a sweet river up here absolutely beautiful crystal clear water great cliffs/bridges for jumping, ropeswings, meadows. Damn spring fever is hitting hard here.
I witnessed a kid get pulled over by the cops in 1972. He was a couple years younger than me and I was 19 then. His Dad was a prominent member of the community a good guy, big farmer, jumped out of an airplane on D-Day the whole shebang. His kid was so drunk he couldn't walk when he got out of the car and they loaded him up in the cop car one of the cops hopped in his car and they delivered him and his car home. I heard later that his Dad worked him some insanely long days, hauling hay (by hand) for a couple of weeks straight. I thought I was obligated to go out on Friday and/or Saturday night for a few years there. Until I was about 25 and then I started feeling like the old man. I wish I had all that money I wasted on booze. My car was never smoky, we thought that stuff was for hippies, and at the time the cops would look the other way on alcohol but not on that stuff.
Friday night means....

"what a long week, Im ready for bed"
Friday nights! I used to get butterflies in my stomach from Friday lunchtime onwards, pretty much always got hammered.

Used to curb it a bit when I was playing football Saturday afternoon, but after football we’d hit it hard!

Oh well, Monday morning here we come..
Fridays were always a big hurry for me. Had to get going somewhere to play a gig. Many times headed out of State.

Seems strange now that I only came home to cleanup, change clothes and maybe sleep during the week...always gone somewhere & usually working two jobs. Now I sit back & wonder where I ever found all that time and energy.
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Both! It was the weekend! Fri AND Sat RAWKED!!! And then there was Sunday Night At The Movies, on NBC! Popcorn time!
Each weekend night had increasingly more repercussions... Friday night was the most carefree, since you had no commitments the next day, could stay up as late as you wanted and sleep in as long as you wanted. Saturday night, you had to take into account that Sunday you might have some responsibilities or studying to do, so you had to ease back a bit. Then Sunday was the make up day for your procrastination -- any studying or projects needed to get done. And you couldn't stay up very late on Sunday night, since it was back to school or work the next day...

That was my teens-n-twenties.