Off to the Doc


Mar 6, 2005
I'm heading out for some cancer surgery this morning (Don't panic-Basal cell carcinoma). I'm more concerned with the drive on snowy roads than the procedure but for all those pray-Yours would be appreciated.
Justin it's not your driving that worries me it's those other people. Safe journey, and good luck at the docs.
See Ya
Good luck, Justin! Be careful...but be thankful you're not driving snowy roads in Kentucky.....THAT'S scary.

Good reminder for everyone: SUNBLOCK
I've had several taken care of, too...both freezing and cutting. I was a lifeguard way back and got LOTS of sun. I hope everything went well.
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Thanks all. Everything did go well. I had the Mohs procedure where they excise a mimimal amount of skin and then do a lab test to determine if any cancer cells are present on the margins and excise more if needed. Great system but it takes a lot of time. I got a neck lift, a back of the neck full of staples and am supposed to take it easy for a while but all is well.
Good to hear it all went well Justin!!!
Good to have that sigh of relief at the end of the day EF?
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Freeze 'em & flick 'em! :D

Glad it went o.k.

Frans, LOL- I had a couple precancerous spots frozen a couple weeks ago-Unfortunately this spot was on the back of my neck and about 7/8ths by 1 1/8 inches. Back where I couldn't see it and didn't think about it until someone asked me about it. I dismssed it as an old scar-Then a few months later I got asked again, looked at it using 2 mirrors and made an appointment with the dermatologist. Like Che said-WEAR SUNSCREEN