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Hobby Climber

About a two months ago a friend & co-worker asked me to clear a building lot for him.

The lot is owned by his aunt who lives out of town & she's been told to removes some trees that hang over the neighbors property.

Ed, my buddy, didn't want to spend any more than he had to for the work.

I had to call in a bucket truck to T/D a dieing mulbery tree that was only being held up by the tree next to it. The tree would have been blown down long ago had it not been supported by this other tree!
(NOT a climb job)!
Part of that tree was also hanging over a house.

I cleared about 16 trees & all the underbrush at the back of the lot. I bucked all the wood and piled it by the road to pick up later. (wood was stollen before I returned the next day :X)!!!

In the meantime, Ed's aunt decided to give this lot to him before she dies. So now that Ed's the owner, he was on the hook for the cost!:lol:

Its a small price to pay for a free lot I told him but he also had to take care of all the legals.

Now that the trees are down and wood gone (stolen), there were two huge piles of brush in the middle of the lot at my friends request.

He calls me last week and tells me he sold the lot. I say good for you but why should I care? He said its on the condition that the brush is gone before the closeing date this week! Great, :what:.

He then tells me it all hast to be removed but he dosen't want to spend no more that $200 max! There is no way anyone is going to remove or chip that much brush for that price!!!

I suggested we simply burn the brush and he got nervous. It was a huge pile after all.


I called the local fire dept and got permission to burn. Then I called a friend who had a bob-cat to push the two big piles together and scrape all the grass away from the pile and make a burm around it. Didn't want any grass fires happening!

Filled my sprayer with chainsaw fule and got the pile burning. :onfire:

From start to finish, it took about 4 1/2 hours. Then the bob-cat smoothed the burm and made everything level again.

Cost of the bob-cat...$150, My time to help out a friend..$0.00,
...The look on Ed's face, watching him whine & pout after he showed up late and not being there to watch the big fire as he intended, ...Priceless!


Enjoy the pics!



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Actually, that's a tiny burnpile. The dump I used to dump at could be seen from space when the guy gave it it's annual burn. It was frigging amazing.
In the Forest Service we got to use lumagel which is akin to napalm. Jellied gas and diesel is fun to play with.
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The fire was a bit bigger at first, I just didn't think about the camera until later.

The flames grew to around 30' but settled down after about half an hour.

Again, this was just the brush, the firewood was placed at the road...and stolen!

Once the bulk of the fire was done, the bob-cat pushed the burning pile to a smaller area and then started smoothing things back to normal.

Had there been much more brush to burn, I think I would have to rent a bin and fill it using the bob-cat. Don't want the fire so big & hot that it might melt the sideing off the neighbouring building & house!

Everything went as planed & I had fun!:D



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I think its the "Pyro-Bandits"! :what:
Suppoesdly we in this area are not allowed to burn .At the same time though they say it's ok for the farmers to burn crop residue ,fence rows etc .Peace on em ,I torch my pile about twice a year .

Usually all it takes is one sheet of newspaper and my trusty Bic lighter . I don't see what the big deal is .The stuff is just organic residue ,no harmfull stuff that I know of in wood .The fire gets lit usually in the spring before it gets dried out to spread and in mid winter with about 6 inchs of snow on the ground .
I noticed that there were no hunks or chunks of wood in that fire-- what's up with that?:/:
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I know, I know,, I'm just playing with him. If I hadn't noticed by now, I have no business on line!:D



No business on line OR no business being on line? :P:lol:;)

thats cool Gary, reminds me of my teen years when we (ok, I) put about a liter of gas on a stack of dry Christmas trees in January, lost my eyebrows and a bunch of hair, thank goodness I had a good hat on!

can you say: light Zippo *clink, zang* POOF!!!!!

Friends nearby, " holy F2#$ are you ok man!?"

Bailey's was once selling some special paper that you covered your green burn pile with to keep the rain out until it was dry enough to burn, then the paper was supposed to aid in the ignition. Maybe they still sell it? Wonder if they ever sold any of that?