Not sure if anyone wears Wescos but.


Oct 17, 2005
They sent me an e-mail today saying they are 10% off and free shipping thru the end of september. About the only boot I wear to work in. Not advertising for them just an fyi if anyones interested in saving a few bucks on a pair of them. :P


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Those look very well made but much too hot for Florida and much too heavy for me.

Did you buy 3 pair or 4? 8)
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Ive had several. Got 5 now, I think I have pitched 2 pairs. I have alot of boots, 15 pairs or so. Not sure if im going to order anymore or not.

Not much hotter there than here, 90, with what feels like 500% humidity lol.
My Wescos are retired. Nowadays I only use them in rumbles.


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metamucil + peanut butter + coffee creamer = breakfast of champions
Thanks Jim, I've been thinking about
getting a new pair, only on their third pair of soles and a couple of patches and stitching here and there.

Comfy and Sporty, I feel comfortable dancing at the clubs with them on.
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Most of the boots I have are going "out" boots :P
I love my Wescos. They are big but I like having the boot be as tall as my the shank on my gaffs.
I got the e-mail from wesco yesterday, and right away ordered a new pair of caulked logging boots. My other pair got ruined somewhat last month when a short beech log hit me hard enough on the steel toe to cut through the leather. If it hadn't been for the steel my toes would've been flat.
I wear Wescos. Best damn things I've ever put on my feet. But for what they charge for them, I guess they better be.
Yeah, Wesco has raised their prices recently. I think I paid $325 for mine, but that was 4 or 5 years ago.
I have 3 pair. I am a Wesco fan for life. Best damn boots out there.
Get the 100R soles, not the little skinny ones. They wear out quicker, nad as MB said the sideplate falls off rather quickly!
Thanks for the advice,I want to be happy with such an expensive throw...I have been running Redwings.two years ago my groundgirl bought a pair of highliners,they are such good boots! I must have a pair.
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I got a couple pairs of their packers... I like the wescos better.