No spill cans


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
I had one of my no spill cans blow its lid off earlier in the summer. It was in the shade for about 3.5 hours on a real hot day. The can swelled up and finally blew off the nozzle base that screws on the can.

Other than the opening the can every hour is there another method to keep the cans from building such pressure. Never had a problem with my other gas cans. I really like these cans, but I sometimes can't get to them to relieve pressure. And the replacement parts are hella expensive.
has not happened to me so far...those cans are the best out there IMO
Not a no spill container, but a guy at the gas station told me that you want to store gas with the pressure relief valve or screw closed. I've been further wondering about it, especially after the first post. Please advise.
if there is a hole in the jug.....seems like water will work its way in
Jay, of course you store it with the can closed/ sealed. You just cannot leave it in the sun in 90+ degree heat for 3 hours while sealed. I know he said it was in the shade, but the sun moved in those 3 hours and it got hot enough to blow the cap off. Keep it where it won't get too hot.
Thanks Skwerl, I see that you just can't seal it and forget about it, if subject to a temp increase.
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I have had cans in my trucks toolboxes swell up also. But they always blew the little caps of the nozzles. thus relieving pressure. The no spill swelled as well but not that bad.
Stephen, almost all of the new cans suck. But about a year or two ago this one brand came out that meets the new laws and doesn't suck. All the supply houses are carrying them now. I used the old wide bottomed Rubbermaid cans until all my spouts broke and I couldn't find any more. Now I have a couple of these and they rock.

I picked up an old package of a spare Rubbermaid flexible spout with the extra caps, etc. at a garage sale a few weekends ago (50 cents.) I did a search on gas cans, cuz I haven't been able to find these anymore.

Found a big long discussion on 'lawnsite' (sorry)....seems the new ventless cans have a big problem with expanding in the heat. They had a couple cool little fixes....the one I liked best was to drill a little vent hole and close it with a plug from a cheap squirt gun. Another was to bore a larger hole and insert a tire nozzle thingee.

I had a cool little can that I loved for a couple years...with that two part nozzle that would start when you pushed the outer sleeve in, but when the gas got to a set level, would shut off. Now it doesn't.....just runs all over the place.
Che, the can pictured above is similar to that. The spout has a push button release so it only pours when you have the yellow button pressed. They pretty much eliminate the spillage associated with every other safety can on the market. I even prefer them to my old Rubbermaid cans with the great spouts that I used for almost 20 years.
I've never seen that type, Brian. I like the concept, but I'm not sure about the spout sticking out to the side like that. A bit of sliding around in the truck bed might not be really healthy for it.

I can't say I like the rubbermaid cans.....I ALWAYS spill.....but its what we have most of.
You can loosen the black collar and spin the spout around, then tighten it down again. And the spouts are quite sturdy. Every other can I've used is flimsy and feels like it will break in your hand. These are solid. My first one is almost a year old with no issues. I don't do anything special to protect the spout.
I got one of those cans Skwerl because I needed an extra can one day and I like it also. Hardly ever spill anything now.
I have that very can, and to elimate the swelling I drilled a microscopic hole in the top for a vent. Just need to be aware the hole is there or it will piss all over if your not careful.
Brian.. I have pumps on mine now that arn't perfect .. but it works and spills less.... Pump fuel from 5 gal into smaller can or equip. Works great. Especially on the larger equip.. But does work well in saws and brushers.. :)
An old antifreeze jug makes a good can . Don't do like I did once and get them mixed up and dump antifreeze in a weed wacker .
ive had them swell up but never blow. seems that the very design would allow them to blow by to much excess pressure through the nozzle. ive used these cans for 6-8 years, been around a while. the nozzles seem to be the first thing to go but even that takes awhile
... Now I have a couple of these and they rock.


Skwerl, I jumped on those when they came out and never looked back.
Finally a plastic can that really works.
Seems like a whole slew of trick plastic cans came out on the market. All of them seemed to be designed by some kind of clueless OSHA office worker. Really and truly dangerous. Sure they closed automaticlly, but man they would spill gas all over the place when you tried to measure out a precise amount to fill a saw.

As for durability, I have thrown them into the back of the chip truck upside down etc. and they are just fine. It gets HOT around here, and I have never had one burst open.

Also the only plastic can I have found that DOES NOT SPILL gas all over everything when you fill up a saw.

They really work, all the others are junk and dangerous IMO.
Che, that can on the left of your picture is one of the worthless cans. I bought some of those when they came out.
The fill nozzle does not allow you to fill a saw safely or efficiently. When the nozzle opens, the gas comes out at right angles to the filler tube. Making it next to impossible to fill a saw.
Also, you have to insert the nozzle into the gas tank so you cannot really fill the saw up all the way.

I am surprised no one has gotten hurt from those types of gas cans.