New VW pickup for the Europeans...

They will be making them here in my city.
We just got Volkswagon.
Chattanooga is booming for the time being .
Don't know what that tiny bed would be good for...groceries?

That's what I was thinking. A lot of people who have trucks don't really need a truck and this would be good for them. MPG not too bad, can haul 5 people, can haul a kitchen table or something like that in the back, maybe?
Ha people tell me all the time our Honda Ridgeline 'isn't a real truck'. Big deal, I gots lots of 'real' trucks. Groceries, dogs, the odd little bit of crap and we travel in comfort, power, handling, and all in a size my wife is comfortable with driving and parking. There's a market for sure, which is obviously why they're out there.
well at least it looks like VW have actually made a pickup truck this time.
I mean, the Taro was just a Toyota Hi-lux with a VW badge on its nose.
Don't know what that tiny bed would be good for...groceries?

they dont need big beds.....people buy these here for their personal/business use....basically its a nice car, the advantage being, its classed as a truck and you can claim back the vat(17.5%) which you wouldnt be able to on a car. besides, who wants to chuck crap in the back of such a lovely truck?
I hate when they attempt to redesign a proven thing.

I'm sure that's a nice ride, but I want one like the old VW pickups. Simple, efficient, but new enough not to be a rot box POS. All I need most of the time is something I can throw a couple of saws and a shovel into, I've got a 3/4 ton for heavier work.

Sweet ride. VWs have some of the best resale values but not with their SUVs.

I don't see the need for a huge pick up to do tree work. I always worked as a climber, not a tree part hauler.

I have done tree work out of three VWs. They worked well $$$$$$$