Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
I purchased a Silky Longboy about two weeks ago. Extremely lightweight and easy to snap on and move about in open trees. well worth the price in my opinion

I've been thinking about getting one of those when I get back to the states. Does the hookfox fit on that model?
I was given one by the Silky rep.
Two weeks later I let it down to the ground (lightly dropped it). Dont do that.

The metal button ripped through the light weight tin foil tube.

Also I hated the screw which locks the blade open or closed.
Also, you cannot set the blade at an angle, which would make it easier to set/hang on a branch.
It was also not so easy to extend and shorten while in the tree. It seemed to be a good idea, but not easy to do.
You cant really hang it from your saddle unless you use the end hole with the bit of webbing included. Which is kind of clumsy.

All in all, I think they are nice, but way to flimsy for tree work. Maybe if you only worked on the ground?
Is that Zoro in the pic ?!? LOL
Sounds too light weight for my applications, but I hold Silky products in high regard & will stay tuned...
Thanx for the thread / reviews !
Is that Zoro in the pic ?!? LOL
Sounds too light weight for my applications, but I hold Silky products in high regard & will stay tuned...

With the below zero winters we get around here, I'd be worried about that yellow plastic freezing & cracking!

...Besides, I'm sure that the real Zoro would use a Hayauchi !!!

Yes Rumi that in my opinion is the best one.
The locking mechanism on the Longboy is just not that durable. It is easily bent. If only one person used it & was aware of it's shortcoming they could probably make it last. But I bet not.

I have that pole saw....

the Hayate ? I think. Its a heavy beast, and would never use it while climbing, but for ground use its the best. It'll rip thru a 6 inch limb with no problems. And it is also well built in comparison to its predecessor the Hyauchi
While I've never used a Hayate, it is better than the fragile and poorly designed Hayauchi. I now have the 20 foot Stihl branded ARS. IT's quite well designed.

I like Zubat pole saws, which are very light and easy to use, as long as they're not dropped. Interested in the LongBoy, for its folding blade and partially hooked tip--great for pulling hangers. But it is heavier.
I have the Hayuchi and it works well. Two other tree companies her have bought them after using mine.
I think there was already a pole saw thread started by nick - I have the long boy but it is fragile and I find myself using a good ole jameson more often - spend time fiddling around telescoping in and out with the longboy too much - my work plan for pruning a large tree is more efficient with a fixed length pole - or maybe its just me
Okay, call me crazy. But, I never have used a pole saw in the 6 years in this industry. Am I missing something?:what:
A good one can make the difference between having to climb up to get a couple of limbs or doing it from the ground.
After using a quality one you probably wont want to be with out it.
They also can be very handy in Crispy Cracker dead trees for setting ropes or snapping off dead tips.