It's Raining In Florida!!!

Monday morning, not as bad as the weather maps look. Still clear skies here so I'm heading out to work in a bit. I'll provide a couple links here in case anybody wants to see real time images. The first is the local tv station's satellite loop. The second is a web page I found 4 years ago which hotlinks a couple dozen different types of satellite images all on one page. Thirds is the Weather Underground page on T.S. Fay

WESH TV Atlantic satellite loop

Jay's hurricane images- Real time imagery of tropical storms

Weather Underground
So far, we had a band come through last night, took out our huge ( well, huge by our standards :lol:) Gumbo Limbo that was in our front yard. The tree has been failing since Wilma, we even had the permit to remove it, just couldn't bare to do it. Well, nature did it for us. So, we have the first storm emergency right in our front yard. We even parked the Suburban on the side yard cause we knew it was a possibility.
Got rain? Its coming down nice and easy.
Gigi, the bark on the Gumbos make them an attractive spec. for landscape. Are you going to replace it with anouther one? I also like the bark on the pigeon plum. I have two Jamacain dogwoods, (50 footers) and a 50' Gumbo with a 38" diam, and a pigeon plum in my back yard. They're in good shape. I work them all the time, so no dead wood, nice and open, no lion tailing, ect. they'll never hold up to a tornado, but good to go for light storms.
Dang, himacaine season came around quick... Time to batten down the hatches again, ey Gigi ? Floridians still got the better end of the deal in my book !
Skwerl - you're from Jacksonville, right? Did you see this?


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We still have power, although some in Key West do not. Pretty windy outside, raining but not much to this storm, so far. The folks up the state a bit should watch it....Mr. Sir and Drella.
Got my first call to clean up damage. one downed tree for sure, and some small stuff, but no structural damage. It might only be a small storm, but damage is going to happen.
No sign of any storms here so far. It's been overcast for the last couple hours, but no rain nor wind. Humid as all get out, but that's normal. The crew is finishing up today's job with instructions to have everything dumped and fueled just in case. I'm stocked up on supplies at home, and I'm heading over to the shop soon to get the generator, a few saws, and my climbing and rigging gear. 8)
vl, you watching the news? Channel 6 has some new trick radar that is cool. They had a live remote from Key West and it is not even raining there. Still blowing and raining here. They said some tree limbs down in KW, maybe we will get some calls.
cant wait to see what its going to do up here. u guys/gals take care down there.
7:45am and nothing here in central Florida yet. Looking out the window everything looks like a typical weather day. As of right now a person could be wondering what all the fuss was about. They even closed all the schools for this.

Fay has turned even further east towards Lake Okeechobee but most of the models show it zig zagging across Orlando later. I guess it's going to rain this afternoon.
Our guys are off to the first emergency removal this morning. Well, the second one, mine was first yesterday!
It finally started raining steady about 8:00 tonight and has been getting heavier since. Coming down medium/heavy now with intermittant wind gusts blowing rain against the windows. When nothing happened today, we all thought Fay was a bust and scheduled some regular work for tomorrow. But that's not happening unless this rain moves out.
best of luck RJS, and other housers in the path. :) be well, be safe and see ya in the mornin!