Insane Car Detailing!!!

I just looked through that entire post. My God, the guy even used ro water to rinse his car with.

thanks for that post, I have never seen such a maniac like that. Bet he is not married.
I wonder if he'd detail my work truck? He'd choke on the amount of bugs trapped in the front end grille. let alone those plastered to the work topper front. :lol:
That's nuts. I coulda washed, waxed, and detailed my truck quicker than it took him to post the pics.

I made it as far as the clay bar bit, the things work GREAT BTW. My Ford looked and felt smooth as silk after I rubbed her down with the bar. Tree sap made the roof feel like 120grit sandpaper.
thanks for that post, I have never seen such a maniac like that. Bet he is not married.
If he is married I do feel sorry for her. Not to say anything on weather or not he has children.
You mean you guys don't give your vehicles a final rinse with Reverse Osmosis 0 ppm & Evian water?
I thought everyone did :|:


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I'm suprised that letting the garage door up and down every day didn't rain contaminates down on the car.

I thought it was cool, but I never did get to the why he was doing it.

Is it a show car or his daily driver?
my missus found that thread a while back when she was looking for some detailing products.It is his job and he normally does it on pretty exotic cars and spend 2-3 days cleaning it!! But they charge mega £££ to make it look better than new.
Here is a thread from a scooby forum i frequent, he spent 2 weeks cleaning his car in his spare time,OCD almost definatley but it does look fookin good when done (not sure if the photo's will come up tho if yor not a member)
I don't understand the claying thing.


from Wikipedia as they can explain it far better than me:roll:

Clay bar
Clay is a mixture of clay base and various mild abrasives that is used to remove paint contamination. Spray wax, window cleaner or water can work as a clay lubricant. Road grime, tar, bugs, rust, tree sap and even paint overspray can be removed with a clay bar.Claying does not remove the clear coat of the paint but can cause marring or dullness if used incorrectly. It takes a few passes of clay to feel the difference on the surface of the paint. Claying does not replace polishing. It is simply a process that should be used before polishing compound is used. Claying should be used once or twice a year depending on the year of the car or truck
You need another 4 Gig or so or RAM Butch.

He does incredible work, but when could you drive it? I mean 32 coats of wax and washing it three times a week, and washing it the way he does?
Just clean it once and put it in a hermetically sealed box for Christs sake!!!
Wait until you run Vista!!!!!!!

Yeah, more and more powerful aplications, and Windows is running more crap in the background that you are aware of! I was runing 2GIG in my old laptop and kept getting that message, XP. Went to 4 and it was better, but not much. Cleaning out you're cache and temp files regularly helps.

With Vista I am runing 8GIG inthis POS, and the wife has 12 in her powerhouse.

It's hard to believe, but Windows is sucking us dry!!