I miss the old daze


Traveler extraordinaire
Mar 7, 2005
Austin, TX
I miss the Brits and even the bat shit crazy Aussies. The times...they are a changin' :cry:

Hope y'all are doing well.
i don't..................wah, wah, wah.......................
I post in the Brit forum nearly everyday. And the only Aussie I miss is Derek. ALL the rest can bite my ass.
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It changes. Forums have always been that way. AS was that way. I heck, I jumped on the wagon back in the old arborist.com forum daze. Heck, that was almost 10 yrs ago !!!!!!!!

Maybe it is being a treeman I miss. Last year I did $2500 in tree work the whole year plus I competed.

I have a whopping $550 lined up to do so far in 08. In some ways, my heart just ain't in it the way it once was.
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I think it's better now. I think most everyone took Wiltings rants with a grain of salt; however, Ekkka really pissed me off a few times.