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I've got a husky 272 for sale. It has a new top end and rebuilt carb. The saw was rebuilt about a year ago. Comes with the power head only. Evenything on the saw is fully functional. The chainbreak works, it oils, and also runs :) We just bought a 385 so we no longer need this saw. Make me an offer... to reach me call (412) 215-0906



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Shoot man, just looking at those pics makes my hands ache. Good luck with the sale though. Good to read ya again.8)
I have a 288. So I know what Squish is speaking of.

The anti vibe system on these saws leaves a bit to be desired.
While I love my 288 I dont look forword to running it more than an hour at a time.
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I have a 288xp also we got new anti vibes in the 288 but the 272 is fine and doesnt make you hands numb when runnign it for a bit! So there not bad at all.

I used to run 272's quite a bit. And the vibe was one of many reasons for my switching to Stihl a coons age ago. The newer Husky's have a much improved anti-vibe system over those guys. No offense is meant, when I was younger it didn't bother me near as much either. Now I usually pop a couple vitamin I's in the morning regardless of what I'll be doing, keeps the hands quiet and pretty much any other part of the body too.
I have very little experiance with Husqvarna .That said the few larger Husky saws I've ran ,181,281 and the 2100 that I own has not given me any problems with vibration .

Of course these are heavier saws so that might explain that situation .
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I agree Al. But my brother told me last night that he put new anti-vibes in it last year. So maybe thats why its not to bad.

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The brand new 385 we got or the brand new 372 :P

I'm basing my comparison of the 272 anti-vibe to the comparable Stihl 046 which were being sold at the same time. No comparison, Husky made massive improvements to their anti-vibe to stay in the comp, Stihl ran with the same anti-vibe for probably another decade or more.
Rubber mounts are just wonderful to run, but those that puch and pull will change them a lot.

I love them!

With steel springs it is not as nice as it can't absorb the tiny virations as good.
It has been tried, but they get to soft/weak and break.
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Husky has came along way with there antivibe I think too! The 385 and 372 we have now are a joy to run. Dont get me wrong the 272 is but the new saws are better!

Is this saw still for sale. Looking for a 272 that is STOCK with NO muffler mods. No extra holes etc in muffler, unless I find another good unmolested muffler to use.