How strong is your grip?

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O.K. so I am cleaning the bathroom floor. So I pick up the little trash can and the bathroom scale and set them on the toilet for mopping the floor.

Curious, I gripped the bathroom scale and squeezed as hard as I could.

The scale jumped to 190 lbs.

Anyone else ever tried this? What was/is your measurement?
Last time I tried I got 240, lemme go try again.

Tried it. Different scale than last time but I got 240 again (barely, 220 was quite easier) although I could feel the scale flexing in my hands as I couldn't reach where you put your feet.

When I went to the PT for my broken wrist after I had the cast removed, the pt dude remarked that my grip strength was fairly high compared to the norm. I forget what my individual hands registered, but the left hand was approx 10% behind the right after being in a cast for 4.5 weeks.
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Last time I tried I got 240, lemme go try again.

240!! You freak of nature :lol:

I had a brother who could do true one armed pull ups. He said that only a very small part of the population could do that.

You seem like part of that. Jeez and you carry firearms. Remind me to take you out from a very very long distance away with no warning :) :P Or to bring you continuous supplies of cakes, twinkies, liquor, cigs, and fried food.
kinda what I was thinking, I am about 165 well fed, grip of about 150 would make it about 91% of body weight.
Ha that was a fun project, here is a better size comparison pic:

Brendon on the right:

Daniel on the right:

I'm at about 96% of my body weight, been thinking of getting a membership to the Y, getting back in shape.

One thing about your size, two people in equal shape, the lighter of the two will be stronger per lb of weight. Increase in size=increase in strength in decreasing returns.
Ha that was a fun project, here is a better size comparison pic:

Increase in size=increase in strength in decreasing returns.

That may be true Carl. But the average joe office type could probably increase strenghth by as much as 50% with out adding much mass. But body would tone up a bit. Just an educated guess
Right, my point is that the bigger you are, the stronger you have to be to function. Pound for pound, someone smaller is stronger than someone bigger, given that they are in equal shape.

While I might could bench 300lbs (hahahaha yeah right) if Brendon was my size but kept his weight to strength ratio, he'd bench 400lbs or some similarly higher number than myself.
I bet I could put Carl down in less than two seconds armwrestling. ;)

And the day he does a one armed pull-up I'll let him have one of my tattoos.
Dad got 200lbs (weighs 318 ) although he's been basically layed up for 2.5 years.

I did it again, really focusing and got it around 245-250, but now I'd have a hard time opening a jar of jelly.
Nope, not even two seconds. Wanna bet? :evil:

Arm wrestling is the only thing I ever won a trophy for in my entire life.

Spring steel & sex appeal = ME. :)
I'm betting there is a technique to it that I haven't learned.

I was a junior in high school before I could flex my pecs without lifting anything. I'm figuring arm wrestling is similar, getting 'in touch' with the muscles to get your twist on.
i weighed 173 after shoveling myself full of dinner. one handed was 120-130 both it went past 230, it starts back at 0 once it gets past 230. so prolly around 240. Im not real sure if you guys are doing this one handed or with both? I don't consider myself that strong?!?