Hot and Humid=great sunset--photos


Climbing Up
Jun 22, 2005
It was really hot Monday, and abnormally humid. After doing a bit of work for a good client, also named Barnett, I took off to do bids, all over town.

Wound my way to the top of Cougar Mt, sold a job at a home under construction....selling price will be $3.5mil....

The view...imagine it of a cold, clear, (snowy) day with the Olympics (or everwhere else also) coated in white.

This golf course was built on the site of an old dump. For a few years after I started my own biz, I would pack my pickup way above the high sideboards, and drive the long distance there, as they'd charge only $10-12. Sometimes, I'd pay by the ton at the transfer stations, would often get over a ton of brush packed in.

The haze (and smog) made for an awesome red sun and glow, even though there were no clouds, it was a really cool sunset:

These shots were done with my 70-200 at 200 mm, and two stacked teleconverters, which gives 730mm with my camera, or 15 power.....and this shot is cropped.

Last night, not as hazy, but some clouds for effect

Banned by Squirrels

I do miss the NW this time of year.

Thanks Rog.