Ha! Anyone Ever Try This?


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Mar 6, 2005
It looks like it might just work. You probably need to twist the yolk.


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It just might work for what? Making your eggs and toast harder to eat? I like using my toast as a pusher to get my eggs on my fork. :P

Damn, this is making me hungry. I might just have to go hit the diner for breakfast. :/:
If it doesn't work, you might end up with a bit of a mess. Is there a name for that recipe? Eggs in a t shirt...serve with pigs in a blanket.
It's egg in a basket. I usually use a hearty wheat bread, pepper-crusted bacon, and a little french-styled gruyère when I make it.
How'd you get the groovy accent mark in there, Mr. Fancycheeseeatin'guy ?!?
And I forget what that mark is called ? >>> been 30 years since I had any French classes.
Eggs-in-the-nest is yummy... if somebody else cooks 'em for me !
It'll work if it's done right! Needs to be cooked on a griddle, like you would for french toast or pancakes, so there's room to cook the centers that you cut out. Lots of real butter to keep everything turnable.

I'm originally from Massachusetts and I know for a fact, these things are called sailors in a boat! 'Cause that's what my dad told me! :D

Quite a memorable Sunday breakfast.

yup, egg in a nest is what we called them, havent made it in ages though.

I even used to take the square you cut out of the bread, butter (margarine at the time) it and put it in the pan to get it crunchy. :)
Heck yea!!! Egg in a basket! We use cookie cutters to make different shapes in the bread. :|:
We went to Cracker Barrel this morning for breakfast after Mass, but I didn't see that on the menu. I had the Sunrise Sampler, yummy.
I'll look when I go back again.....but as CHEAP as I am, it won't be real soon.

(I usually eat off the children's menu there, though....so it's not that bad)
My wife's out of town this week, so I took 6 of the kids there this morning. It was only $35.55 plus tip. Much less than I expected. I told them "no toys, just brunch."
Karina had this a lot when she was little. She says it's called "toad in a hole."

Seems like a waste of time to me.

I guess it's fun for a little kid, though.

We just had eggs and toast for breakfast today. There was no hole, nor any toad.

That's similar to one way "we" (south) make French toast.

The other way is to dip the bread in the egg and pan fry it.
The real good way is to mix a little milk, egg and some good cheese, gruyere maybe ( which is swiss and not french, btw!) turn the breadslices over in that and fry them. The cheese gives a nice crunchy coating.
I used to put a couple slices of cheddar on the top of the egg in the nest, then flip it to cook the other side and WHAMMO! you got yourself a crust!