Geezers 2008 Trip Report [Dial up warning!]

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Just got back from Geezers 2008. It was 100% fun. The event was nicely coordinated, the trees were perfect, there were lots of really good, old hand climbers competing, the parties were non-stop, the food was excellent.... it was just really, really fun.

Here are some pics. I didn't shoot much but I have a few.

This is Scotty, the guy that made it happen, he was no fun at all.

Master's Climb - This is last year's winner, Doug Lafortune...


Doug had a good shot at winning but the judges called him on a backup safety for his ascender (floating false crotch) and he couldn't correct it in the tree... he was climbing strong.

Master's Climb - Bruce Duffy came down from up North...



Tim Bushnell also competed in the Master's but it was too dark for pictures.

The Master's tree was pretty cool. A live oak and a big longleaf pine growing right next to each other; they were so close you had to think of them as a single big tree.
SOME of the tie-ins during the rec climb on Sunday...

And finally, a sequence of the this year's winner from Fayetteville in the great state of NORTH CAROLINA... Willie Schultz. The man is 49, top of the age bracket and he still smoked the 40 year olds. His climbing was old school for the most part... the second shot is him body thrusting at the base. He did use a split tail though and he set his false crotch from the ground. It was a pleasure to watch.










That's it. If you've never been to Geezers you should put it on your calendar, January 17th, 2009. Worth the trip if you like trees, tree people and climbing... and parties.
That looks like a lot of fun. Where?

Jerry, they hold it in Florida. This year I think it was in Windermere, which is close to Orlando.

Blinky, thanks so much for posting the pictures. I hope to get there one year. Great shots and your North Carolina man looks awsome! Congratulations to him.
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Yep, it was in Windermere which is a little town surrounded by lakes near Orlando. It will be in the same place next year... the trees are just too good to pass up, There are multiple examples of the longleaf pine/live oak pairs... looks like they were planted that way but I don't know.

Most people camped at Scotty's, we made a couple of bonfires, the police were called 4 times by a stodgy neighbor but each time they were mellow, didn't ask us to quiet down or anything... just told us to have a good time.

It was pretty peaceful as parties go, the legion of kids made some noise but not much... the bitchy neighbor's dog barked ALL night the first night though.

I hadn't met Willie before the comp. He is without a doubt one of the most fluid, efficient climbers I've ever seen at any age... not one step was wasted and he handled his rope like it was part of his body.
I hadn't met Willie before the comp. He is without a doubt one of the most fluid, efficient climbers I've ever seen at any age... not one step was wasted and he handled his rope like it was part of his body.

Isn't it just awsome to watch a skilled climber? Gives you goosebumps almost!
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Now I feel guilty that I didn't make the time to get over there. Glad you guys had fun.

You should feel guilty! I kept looking at people trying to figure out if I knew them online or not... probably picked out six different candidates for Skwerl... but you were nowhere to be found.
Do they have a fat guy over 40 bracket? Pound for pound, with age factored in, I am the best climber out there, unless there is someone better.
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There were a few guys there who had to be over 225#. Having been off work for almost a month I was almost 200#.

It just occurred to me. One of the highlight moments was when I walked into Scotty's house bright and early the morning after the comp and could barely walk for the mass of little bodies and sleeping bags and pillows and stuff... probably 10 kids. It was just cool to see all of them sacked out in a tangle after a long day and night of playing hard.
Really sounds like fun. I might try and make it next year. Be nice to get away from the cold and snow.
Make sure someone brings an hourglass for some of those timed events like the footlock.:lol: or a sundial.