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This is a log roller i made up. i made a pair of shorts with a harness sewn in once. sadly no photos. i used to rappel from my second story flat down to the street.
Love to see your inovations:)


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Nice work. How much did it weigh? All my inventions require wire coat hangers and ample amounts of fiber tape. Sadly, I am not that crafty.
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thanks,its made of 3mm box steel and weighs about 5kg. We had three guys hanging off it and it held up.
i make all kinds of stuff, like the brush cart in this shot. its nice for long brush drags. stole the idea


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Made velcro ankle straps on my spurs


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Yes indeed.


I made the ramps/bridge and added the back rail on the 1 ton.

Bought this center link, it was just barely long enough all the way extended, so I extended it with some material I had on hand.


In all honesty Dave's rake/push broom for the mini is great, however his hanger sucks. I broke it right off the bat, as well as it's a PITA to attach by yourself.

Now I can use the rake by itself as a separate attachment, or I can grab the legs with the grapple and butt the plate against the face of the grapple's attachment plate. Works like a charm. I can also angle it to one side or the other with the flick of the wrist.


LJ, in your pix, what am I looking at? Can you post some further away shots?
The last 2 pictures?

It's a rake/broom for the mini skid. The black part is where the bristles are, then 2 legs welded to a quick attach plate.

I'll get some more pics today.
it is hard to tell whats going on there.
built this rack on the mini and this chip box on my dodge. recently scrapped it as ive got plenty of chip boxes that dump now and it weighed 540 pounds of milage eating steel. when i finish my new chip box i want to put a flat bed on my dodge


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Ha yeah, I took those pics for Dave last year. It was clear to him and I, but I took it for granted that other folks might not have a clue WTF is going on.
Made a lanyard emergency release system,(sorry no picutre) and some rope bags...


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I made a port-a-wrap, the grapple part of the loader, a new chainsaw scabbard for the inside of the bucket, and a dump trailer.


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Steve, you didn't make that stuff, quit lieing. You bought that stuff and then painted it yourself.


Good work Steve.
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That sat dish on the tractor is cool. Is it hard to see around?
Not at all, I hook it to my head when I'm driving the tractor.:) I guess I should take that thing down. It's been obsolete since about 1995.