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Just received my Brion Toss stuff in the mail yesterday, brought it to work today and watched the dvd. I did my first couple of double braid splices. Actually turned out very nice. Great dvd and book. I am now hooked and will be trying to splice everything I can. I hope you are ready for the questions.....


ps, I would post pics, but like i said, i am at work and can't.
Hi Chris,

I don't know jack about splicing, I just wanted to welcome you the the Tree House is all.

Welcome to the Tree House!!!

The guy to talk to about splicing is "NickfromWI", he's our resident spliceing guru and fellow Houser.

There are a few other on this site that I'm sure will assist you as well.


Brion's tool and movie are a great resource and he explains the process very well.