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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
Sometimes I find myself dragging ass all day. Can you guys suggest some healthy foods that are good for energy to keep us going through the day in this profession?
Bananas :)
I usually have a ziploc baggy with a serving of a powdered protein shake (add water and shake it up, yum yum) and a couple of energy gels with me for when I start to bonk.

Other than that get you a spicey baconator at lunch and it will carry you through! :P
The Zone is great for keeping blood sugar nice and even.
40% carbs
30% protein
30% fat

If I eat a banana by itself I will seriously bonk.

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Good to know, banana's are good.

As I sit here eating a overheaping spoon of peanut butter, does it offer anything? I can eat a jar of peanut butter a day, it's my weakness.
Extra Crunchy Jiff rocks the house!!!

PB is great food, just high in fat. A person could probably live on PB.
peanut butter toast for bfast
mojo bar around 10 am
almonds throughout the day.
late day Luna bar sometimes
water with "nunn" allday
beer at 5:30
dinner at 6:00

rinse lather ...repeat:|:
I'm loving the little gel packet thingies powerbar and the rest of the companies are making. Quickly digested and available with or without caffiene. GU is one brand.

Monster energy drink when all else fails!
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The energy drinks have the opposite affect on me. My brother gave me one a couple weeks ago and I drank it over a 5 hr period while working on my truck-it was fine then.

I actually drank one yesterday at once, and man do I feel like shit. I don't even get a high from them, just a normal feeling then all at once it feels like I've ran a marathon. I am still feeling shitty from it today, which is what helped prompt me start this thread.

No Energy drinks!
Powerbar powerblocks are great as well. Lots of electrolytes!

PB covered bananas are good

Clif bars are my favorites decent protein great complex carbs, high fat, and lots of fiber.

Can of tuna around 10 a.m.

chix breast plain

hope these help!
GU is good...cept you'll be jones for real food very soon. That shat is better for running or pure endurance type things, protien and carbs is what a tree man needs:D
the gel I like is Accelerade gel I got a box of 24 of the vanilla and the chocolate when one of the local musclehead shops had a 2for1 dealio. made them cost about 50 cents each. at that price, not so bad. when I am really dead in the water a couple of them and a few slugs of water, I can get another hour or more of decent effort in.
Nahh I don't eat that much and I sure find it sets me up for a good day. I don't go for the newfangled mumbo jumbo. Some Samwiches a couple pieces of fruit throughout the day and stay hydrated.
Dried fruit is a nice snack/blood glucose kicker. Gorp can keep you going longer.... but I suppose its healthfulness is debatable.
i dont eat any of that stuff. coffee for breakfast, taco or sandwich for lunch and whatever the wife has for supper
seems like when I'm in the zone I forget about eating....till the crash later.