Double bit axe handle question


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Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
I have a double bit axe that was in my Dad's shop and is now in my posession and as it is sans a handle I went down to the local hardware store and bought a handle for it. Well, it doesn't fit and it was the only axe handle they had. The hole in the axe is longer than the part of the handle that fits in there is. And the guys down there at the hardware don't know anything about it. On the handle that is on it now the label says 28" CRUISERS DOUBLE BIT OR. This handle is a little short also. My question is, how can I find a handle that will fit it. I have a couple of pictures here. My question was kind of aimed at Burnham as he is kind of a gear expert, but if some of you others have some axe knowledge, bring it on! I don't really have any use for this axe but it is kind of a family "heirloom" now as it may have come from my Grandfather and I want to fix it up.


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looks snug to me, turn it upside down and beat on the handle, wedge her up and flip it:D
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Are you serious?:what:


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From your pics it's hard to tell how far down in the head of the axe the handle is coming to. It doesn't really look short? Hard to tell maybe?
Oh they make them. Ames/True Temper/Union shovel of Ames Iowa most likely make the best.

You want to look down that handle and see the grain running parrellel with the axe head .Just like hitting a baseball with the bat,with the grain .No knots,wide growth rings or sap wood .Good old midwestern shagbark hickory .

Actually you might try Bailey's come to think of it .
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No, it doesn't flop around because it is so freaking tight the narrow way. I'm figuring on taking it back but I thought it should fit better than that.
Is there a gap all the way through like Willie asked? Your pic that just sort of looks like the flare of the top of the axehead. Room for expansion when you drive in a wedge.
Nice looking axe by the way. Ya know this thread is inspiring me I got a old double bit kicking around here somewhere that was my grandpas that could use some sprucing up. Might just have to get around to that.
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The gap is on the bottom or the other end of the axe head also.


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A cruiser isn't worth a hoot as a splitter nor is a splitter worth a plug nickle for a faller .

I've got my dads old cruiser which has never sat outside nor ever had a file used on it,The old man used a stone . He never used to to fall with but he did a lot of limbing and liked a sharp axe and sharp it is still .
try the saw shops to, thatll work loose. yes squishy, i like cedar to start and fir for every thing
Oh you guys are in the piney woods hills,no hardwoods to speak of .

I couldn't figure out how the PNW crowd could run long bars on mid sized saws until I cut up a windfall pine for my mom last week. Now I know .
Yeah, I put a handle in my 6 lber a while back, and had tons of slop too, but not as much as what you've got here fore and aft.
I dont really like double bitted axes. One bounced on me once and almost nailed my forehead.

Having said that, I have one and made a leather holder for it.


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A cruiser has a certain balance that splitters lack .Although they swing better I can't imagine laying into a big oak or worse yet a big coastal redwood with one .Good heavens,that is cruel on unusual punishment .:O
doesnt that rope get in the way?

I had a job where I needed to chop out these Wisteria vines. It was faster to chop them than it was to cut them with a chainsaw.

It worked great and the loop was good for attaching the axe to my saddle.
Hardware stores don't have much in the way of replacement handles these days. You could do a fiberglass handle. The resin would fill the gaps. Not too traditional but functional.