Crane Down in Florida

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I almost cant believe the fled the scene.
I meen where did they think they are / were going?
That is crazy reminds me of my competition ) :
It happened less than a mile from my house. I posted a bunch of pictures yesterday in the 'how'd it go today' thread. I'll repost them here in a little while since you've started a separate thread.

When I went by the scene yesterday, I saw about a dozen tree guys I know (including Scotty from tree buzz) along with news vans from every station in the tri county area.
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Here is their web site.

So, Skewrl. What do you know about them? Are they an okay outfit, or are they a "shady" tree business?

Does it surprise you that they did this?
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It's Florida, Jamin. The rules are different here. ;)

I'm just happy to see him actually tied in instead of working off a ladder. :|:
When I went by the scene yesterday, I saw about a dozen tree guys I know (including Scotty from tree buzz)

Was it a lynching party? :lol:

If I did that, I sure as hell couldn't raise my head in a crowd of my peers.
We were all spectators, Frans. I do not know any of the scumbags that were involved with the accident, nor do I care to. I haven't spoken to that sleazeball Joe McLaughlin in 6-7 years.
Not too far. I'm not sure exactly where he's located but I think he's about 10-15 miles north of me. So our work areas do overlap a little bit.
It was still there first thing this morning, I didn't go by this afternoon. Last I heard, they cut the boom off the crane in order to remove it.

I can go check, be back in 10 minutes. ;)
They removed the boom and the crane is now upright, the boom is laying in pieces in the front yard. 2 of the 4 outriggers have been removed. Looks like they have to remove the other two outriggers before they can tow it.

Based on the size of the holes in the ground, it looks like they didn't put pads under the outriggers. I didn't see any cribbing or padding on the truck, either. Looks like the cleanup crew brought in a half dozen sheets of plywood to lay on while working under the truck.
Thanks Brian! So the whole thing could have been avoided with some pads under the outriggers. Unbelieveable.
And don't forget the bad cut, possible load shifting causing a shock load to the crane. IMO it usually takes at least two separate acts of negligence to cause a major accident like this. The pads aren't necessary unless somebody screws up on the other end of the boom. But both items combined = boom going boom on the roof.
From what I saw in the pics, they did an excelent job of tearing the boom down. Am I wrong in thinking the crane is salvagable Brian?

One of the many news reports qouted the crane operato as saying the "gound just gave away!" Do you think that was just from the shock load?

I have seen cibbing go wrong, but that was always while picking the load, I've never seen a crane shock loaded. When pickin, it's easy to set the load and re-crib, so this is all new to me, sorry for so many questions.
If you look at the second picture from tonight, you can see that the 'socket' on the outrigger 'foot' is torn away. It looks like the outrigger bounced and tore through the side of the 'socket' on the 'foot' and then just speared the ground. How would you imagine that could happen? I'd say that the crane had a pretty good bump in order to create that much side loading (or bouncing) on the outrigger.

Those outrigger 'feet' are supposed to lock onto the bottom of the outrigger, but I've worked with many similar cranes where the locks are no longer functional and the operator simply sets the foot on the ground and then lowers the outrigger shaft on top of it. I don't see the locks on that outrigger foot.