Competition Climbers

TMs were allowed here in MN. Can't say regarding the others.
all of the above in Charlotte.......ansi BS stopping them? It's a rec climbing event. We had kiwis who kicked ass, most of thier shit would have been dq'd other places. Folks need to recognoze the wealth of gear outside the ansi 5k rule...............
TMs at the Southern Chapter TCC, not sure about the others. That dogmatic shit has GOT to go.
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I know we're all on the same page with this one, I'm just looking for evidence to bolster my arguement. Head judge told me on the phone that he didn't have a problem with the gear as long as its in good shape and no modifications, now his tune has changed:/:
hes just tryin to be some on
just bring it and act like nothins up
tell him he's a whimp....

check this of those whimpy rockclimbing harnesses can take some big whips.....granted Dan died from a slight miscalculation, but ansi rules for gear are a bit overkill................

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I know....but damn gear can take some shit......ANSI really has the blinders on us......8)
He was awesome. he's the guy that inspired me to wear tights at all times.
Gerry's right... but TCCs don't have to hold to strict ANSI rules. It's a competitive event... stock cars aren't street legal; most timbersport wouldn't comply with ANSI.
Blinky's right. It's a competitive event and the broad rules governing out industry shouldn't apply to qualified competitors and these events. It's a whole different realm. Waivers, gear inspections and approval of the judges should be all that's needed.

Let the games begin!