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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
so heres my new chip truck the way i bought it. second is making room for a tool box and 3rd is figuring out where im going to mount it


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gonna have to beef up the receiver and modify the square tube under the bed so it wont hit the hitch when i dump. lights are cheesy to


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picked up my siding yesterday and this afternoon i got quite a bit accomplished8)


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Looks way sharp.

Someone offered to put a dump hoist on my f-350 for 1700 bones.

Thinking of welding screen mesh to my rack.

But this is your thread.
Willie, you're quite the handy fella.
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thanks for the compliments:) not my thread, anyone feel free to add on, i know brendan has a project coming up
That's a beauty Willie. Excellent work. I may steal some of your pics and talk to my machine shop buddy's if you're ok with that?
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sure, the sides are 12 ga. i would have done them in 1 piece each but their break was 2 inches to short, it will be stiffer this way but more welding
So they took bent regular sheet in their brake as opposed to getting it preordered? (Makes sense, it's something I was wondering).

Lookin SNAZZY!
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yup, they were going to each side as one but they could only go 9 inches in from each end so they offered to shear it in the middle, break it and seam it back together or shear 2 inches out of the middle and throw in 2 inch tubes for each side. i took the second option, wish id have taken the first but this will be stronger
Seaming it back together.... welded or folded? I can't immagine a weld that long being both free and flat.

The 2x2 tube, is the sheet set on the inside wall, outside wall, or in the middle?
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it would have been a free weld as they told me they could do it whole and ordered the steel. i need the exterior flat for my signs so the sheets are butted up to the 2x2.
brendan, i was shooting for 6 feet tall but id have had to order a 7 foot sheet and thats special order, then they cut it in 2 so i could have :dur:
anyway its a 6 foot sheet with a 4 inch break at the top and the 3 double breaks in the middle, 5 1/2 ish
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ive got 3 more sheets at the steel yard, probably do 4 or5 more double breaks on top and pointing up, last sheet is for the front. scrap for the upper corners w/lights and scrap for the main tail lights
I would like to get me something like that pretty quick. What are you going to have for tool boxes?
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not sure steve, ive got that cross body box, prolly a couple under body boxes, maybe one over the cab. i cant get a blower into the cross body :(
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im selling the other one;)


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1 year:) its got a better body, the box tips higher on the new one, the old one you have to back up and hit the brakes a couple times to get the chips out. just needs to go 6 more inches, plus ive never wanted to dump the money into painting it as it still wont be pretty. i like pretty trucks:D