Chess anyone?

I'll take black.... your ass is grass... cuz I'll get junior to help me.
It must be a joke, 'cause that'd never work.
Plus, I'd kick all your asses !!! LMAO !
It must be a joke, 'cause that'd never work.
Plus, I'd kick all your asses !!! LMAO !

No it's real, we got that set around here somewhere , I never played it, and I'm not sure my dad and brothers have either.
We're a chess family for sure. We get " chess life magazine", and before I was born my dad owned a coffee shop in downtown Niagara Falls called " The Chess Corner". The old man plays tournaments and plays online alot, and one of his prized possessions is an old Alice through the looking glass chess set. Not sure how old it is.
He told us there was a hundred dollar prize if my bros or me beat him (it was huge money when I was 7). We have yet to win though.
Always fun to break out the shot glass chess set too. Lose a piece, do a shot.
I'll be white please... & no cheating Eh!

I like both chess & checkers and apply the concept of planning several moves ahead to my tree work. If you plan for the worse possible situation before its upon you, you'll be just fine!;)

I'd love to get that chess board in the above pic... is there a special name to look for or is it just called a four position chess board???

How do you play?
The first one checkmated loses, and that's it, or until the last man is standing?
Do you take over the guys pieces when you checkmate him?
The games must go pretty fast.
That game would TOTALLY work. You could have 2 or 4 people play. If I played it'd be last player standing, and when you lost, your pieces remained on the board and could be over taken by another piece, but no one could move them. Simply removing the pieces would open up options that could quickly turn a strategic placement into a crappy location, or vice versa.

I wanna try!

That's pretty far out MB.

I like playing against my computer, but I got smoked the last time I played a human player that knew the game... Embarrassing.