Anyone ride a single speed MTB?


Sep 2, 2006
I think I'm bout to get my arse whipped on my new single speed bike:O.......anyone else ride one?
21 speed Trek here, although I only use about 5 speeds. I don't have a wide enough torque curve to only use one gear. 8)
I carry around a 7 speed Dahon folding bike in my pickup. Useful when I have to park my truck a couple of blocks from the job site when parking is tight. (Quite often in Hawaii) I unload my gear at the job and then move the truck.

If I am just going somewhere from home within 5 miles and I don't have to carry anything big I use my souped up 88cc moped. It will do 50 mph, good enough for everything around here except the freeways. I got tired of pedaling a bike more than a few blocks about 5 years ago.
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Nice and light....I expect to to be worked

My buddy dusted me on a 25 mile ride on a single speed. But he is fit as hell...I hung in there on the Truth(9speed cassette), ....which I really like on the down hill.

This bike is a Gary Fisher Rig, 29'er. we shall see:|:
Why I like riding a fixed gear:
simple (no gizmos)
will make you strong
easy maintenance
nice to look at
beer tastes even better

big hills :cry:

No Bivy, does your's have a freewheel?
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yea...freewheel. I ain't riding no fixe' round here. This bike has disc brakes..Hills will require standing at point. 32 x 18 geared.
Single speeds are cool for some stuff.
But if I where to have only one bike no way!
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this is a second bike....
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one gear? Not since I got a mountain bike when I was about 13. Cant imagine I would do that WAY too hilly around here.
I havnt been riding much in the last few years but I hear the 29ers are really taking off. This spring I just put sram grip shifters on my fuel 100, I like being able to twist through those gears......... Sod the single speed:lol:
Any time you wanna climb some BIG hills and rip a 30 min decent give me a shout and I'll also show you the quick way up a tree........
DANG DUDE - get a real bike and do it on the road. come on down here where the Gaps are and ride with me. Make be you can keep up with this youngster. . . . .

google HOG Pen Gap or 3 gap - 6 gap century. (7.8 miles uphill) and DOWNHILL too


aint not 1 speed bike going to make that hill.

hmm - 36 is just about enough
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Not sure what is is with single speeds, some guys take to them like religion, and other riders go with the gears. A lot of bike messenger riders are into them. My buddy was riding fixed, and after using his ride two times or so, it just seemed...I dunno, logical or something. The quiet is what first appealed to me, and then like just having to rely on your own power to meet the steepness your're riding on. Downgrades without a freewheel can get kind of wild, and mine has a brake. I also like the simple design of a single speed. Check out the velodrome races if you ever get a chance...damn kickazz.

One thing I really like about cycling is the total self sufficiency riding way out into the boonies, and then having just your own power to get your ass home...blown out tired or whatever. I like the challenge in that, so maybe with a single gear it's somewhat more so. Anyway, that's just me, and I respect derailer bikes, even have an old Italian Masi. If I was riding on very steep terrain a lot, I'd go to a three speed.

Anyway, not wishing to change anybody's riding style, talking bikes just gets me going. All bikes rock.
I bought a 3 speed , jeez I wish I had bought a 12 speed mountain bike or similar