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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
I have been having problems with my velcro wrap pads on my spurs lately. They are rotating like a bastard and keep sliding down my leg no matter how tight I get them, so when I go to stab the tree they are all messed up. Those caddy pads you all speak highly about, will they fit on steel Buckingham's?
Yes they will. I like the caddy pads and only just recently tried the velcro pads out of curiosity and am not liking them so much.
One secret to the velcro wraps is to get them as tight as you can. I know that sounds like common sense, but a lotta people overlook that.
I have a set of both...the steel are better

since I use the new Carbon Gecks, I forgot how clunky my old ones were
I don't like the velcros with the steel insert. I love the velcros without them. I tried caddy pads and went back the to non steel insert velcros.
Brendon, before you do anything rash I have a suggestion. Instead of trying so hard to overtighten the top wrap, make sure the bottom strap is tight first. If your gaffs are slipping then the bottom strap needs to be tightened. I have never had to tighten the top strap very tight because it's not what holds the gaffs in place. The top strap is only to keep them lined up with your leg.

When buckling the bottom strap, roll your foot back and forth while pulling the slack out of the strap before buckling it. If you get the bottom straps at least one notch tighter than before, you will see a big improvement.
Brian nailed it. Had the same issue with my velcro pads when I first got them; turned out I was keeping the bottom straps too loose, and that's where all the wiggle was being created.
How do you figure that? They aren't anything like a T pad, and ten times better.

They don't have anything that holds the "strap" perpendicular to the calf/shank. They are a really wide T pad with a built in strap.

Just my take on them, I've never climbed with them, only felt them up at a show.
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I'll try that first, thanks. It's been a reoccurring thing this year, maybe I got lax and stopped ripping them tight.
I usually have a bit of trouble after buying new boots. It takes a few times strapping them on before the gaffs fit nice and tight over new boots.