Breaking Bad.


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Mar 6, 2005
A new series on AMC about a chemistry teacher that finds out he has terminal C so to make some quick bucks for his family he uses his skills to cook the best meth ever invented.

It looks interesting, I've always liked that actor.

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Thats the guy out of Malcom in the middle, bit of a change of chracter for him then, I thought he was pretty funny in that should be good.
Tune in Jan. 20th. at 9 or 10 pm. for " Cooking Meth Thru Modern Chemistry". This show should be well received, by all .
When you have to say that 'The end justifies the means, the end almost never justified the means."

I'm just slightly tweaked about the 'man doesn't have a life until he starts breaking the law' thing. I guess it's not the worst thing that kids see on tv, though my wife's students are already asking if she can show them how to cook it.


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That show comes on later and is meant for adult viewing. I wouldn't let "kids" watch it.
Thats parents these days......

But it does look like a good show.

I have my concerns also like that cooking meth will be looked upon by viewers as being more mainstream and not just done by tweakers. I set my TV up to record it next sunday in case I forget to watch.
Anyone else watch it? I haven't formed a solid opinion yet.....I wonder where they can go with it.

Definitely for an older audience....luckily my 16 y.o. son wasn't sitting next to me during the scene where the wife was doing work on her computer and her husband at the same time. :O
I have Dish Network DVR that I can record it on. And yes Mr. Oregon I have learned how to use some of the features on it. It wasn't necessary because I happened on it about half way through and they showed it again right after. I thought it was pretty good. He looks killer in his tightie whities. I won't say anymore for those who didn't see it.

SOTC, I know this is a long way from you but my stepdaughter moved to Portland yestrday.
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So how far did last night's episode go? Did he find out he had cancer? He didn't start cooking meth already, did he?
yeah thats 4 hours north of me steve, hope she settles in well and in a good area
Hmmm I watched and thought it was pretty good.

I missed the cancer bit though.

Seems like a good show, I liked it. It has potential to rival FXs network shows which have all been good.
Maybe they will do like they did with Prison Break and play the previous weeks show before the current show.