Anyone here need a truffle supplier?

Your post prompted me to read the truffle wikipedia. Wow. Who knew?

I want to try one, just out of curiosity. But I'm not a fan of mushrooms. I have a feeling truffles are gross.

Record price paid for a single truffle: $330,000!!!!

Theres a Steak House here in Boston that has a $22 side order of Macaroni and Cheese with Truffles. Cant describe how good this is until you actually try it! Tastes nothing like a mushroom, more earthy and light.
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I bought a small bottle of truffle oil a few years back. a drop in a pot of pasta is a different flavour, kinda of earthy, sweet, tough to describe.
Put in three or four drops, might as well chuck the pot of pasta cuz the flavour is very strong.

Never had fresh truffle though, just the oil. Wife doesnt like it at all but she doesnt like scotch either so obviously her palate is not as refined as mine ;)
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Feed my dogs raw GREEN tripe when I can find it. Smells absolutely wretched, but they love it, and its good for them.

Nothinglike the white, bleached tripe us humans consume.
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tripe? not this human, it doesnt look or smell appealling thanks.