another sequoia thread, and a critique


Nov 30, 2006
Okay, sorry for yet another sequoia thread:|:

I've been climbing in mine for the last month regularly and am overall very impressed with this harness. Have done prunes and removals and the saddle is feels virtually nonexistent, very comfy.

1 critique however: The D's are very far forward compared to my last saddle which didn't seem like an issue at first. What I've noticed is that having the D's far forward causes the lanyard to hang more in front of you which gets caught on legs and hands much more, and is a real PITA for footlocking. I have to clip the whole lanyard setup behind my back to keep out of the way.

Has anyone else noticed this?

1 more thing about the D's: they are very stiff and do not 'stick' out very far which makes it difficult to clip a snap or biner to when in awkward positions. I've had some angles when I've actually had to use two hands as the D is digging into the hip so placing a biner there is virtually impossible without pullin it out and then clipping in.

Other than these small things, the saddle is flawless, IMO.

My co-worker has the sequoia and says the same thing. He got his when it first came out. He said the Ds were not a bit issue, but as time goes by he likes the saddle less and less. His only problem is the side D's. It will be interesting to see if you have a same experience over time. Good luck with it.
Yeah, The dees do stay inward and are a little hard to get to if yer skinny like me. I think it would be easier if I used a snap or a smaller carabiner (like a regular d petzl or something). But, the saddle makes up for it by being great to move around in, more snug than any saddle I've ever used, and super light.
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Yep, size skinny noodle waist :)

I am a 32" waist and I ordered the smaller of the two sizes. I practically have to cinch the waist and legs down all the way. Guess there's not too many small guys buying tree climbing harnesses.



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I'm having the same problem with my Sequoia. I really wish Petzl would make their saddles in more than just 2 sizes, because then guys could make sure the d rings are in the right spot. At least you aren't having the opposite problem where the d's are behind you on your back. That causes the d's to pinch on your hips when you lean back against the flipline and hurt like friggin' hell. I'm trying to solve my sizing problem by drinking more beer to gain weight.
Due to comparatively sedentary nature of my current work combined with my oversized appetite, I'm up to a (tight) 34" waist. So I guess the Sequoia would probably fit me just fine then? If one of you guys decide to replace your saddle due to sizing issues, you're welcome to send it along to me and I'll try to put it to good use.
haha, im a 34 and was worried the legs will be to small. my don blair ultralight allows me to have a med waist and install large legs
That's one advantage to the New Tribe saddles too, Willie. You can order different sizes for waist belt and leg straps...modular design.
I'm a 34 too. I'm thinking the perfect size would be a 36, so I bet it'll fit me perfect when I start layering up for winter.
he loves it. went from an old weaver saddle i train guys with to that, youd have to love it:D
At least oughta go swing by and take a gander at their goodies, for sure.

Hmmm. The place is run by women. Burnham I am shocked.

Pesonally I like the side Ds rather forward so I generally order a size up if I am close to a maker's transition point or there is an overlap. My Lg saddles are fitting me with the D's well forward since I lost 40 lbs.