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As most of us know, the evolution of throw line storage began with a throw line wrapped around a stick, then maybe a plastic bucket, then to a small soft bag with a drawstring closure.

Then along came the Falteimer cube.

This 'folding bucket' revolutionized the storage of throw line.
After the German cube came the chinese knock-offs made of mesh fabric (sometimes) and not really the same quality as the German one.

Lots of folks (including me) balked at the 75 dollar cost of the German cube, but overall we came to accept the cost and bought one or more just because they worked better than anything else.

My one complaint about the Falteimer cube is that it can collapse when on rugged terrain, especially after it gets a bit used and the framework softens up.

I have found a very reasonable alternate to the German folding cube. It does not have the HUGE opening of the German cube, but I have found that it works just fine and is easy to feed throw line back into.

My wife, who competes in Agility with her dogs, is always getting products from manufacturers who hope she will endorse them, and she gets a load of adverts as well.

Well, one day she came home with this:

It is not as big as the German cube, but it is made extremely rugged out of heavy vinyl. It is designed to carry dry kibbels, greasy dog treats, and is tottaly washable by wiping down with a wet sponge or hosing off with the garden hose. It is very strong.

The top closes via a zippered nylon cloth, and while it doesn't have a real great closure to keep the entire bucket collapsed, I have found out that the velcro tabs which are on it, make it a 5 minute sewing operation to sew larger velcro tabs on to the existing ones.

It also comes with a carrying strap.
And hey, if you dont mind the dog printing on the outside, it sure is a wonderful alternate to the German version. Especially with the low low price tag!

The picture shows one new and one old German cube. The older one has a chain saw underneath one corner to illustrate how the cube will fold partially closed, or close all the way on uneven terrain.

The dog bucket picture shows the bucket open and closed for size comparison.

on the collapsible bag note, Barnel has a line that is pretty decent and relatively cheap. Made of a waxy feeling plastic material I think the medium sized (901)one is about 15 or 20 bucks.
used em' all. Fcube ist gut. Collapsable bucket ist gut. A reel that deploys maybe = priceless.....Need das vid.:D
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paul's idea seems like a better product. At least it doesn't have doggi stuff on it.