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That is exactly how our compo works, you get a discount for a clean record and it's all variable with time of no claims vs risk of job vs how much payroll you bill.
Brian I've met with our local compo officer in regards to my treework and it's all about industry accepted safe work practices, basically due dilligence. Compo will come out and look over jobsites and will fine people for doing stupid things. In my eleven years in the bush I was never on site for any fines, a few written warnings but we were never fined.
then the gov may say "you cant eat at mc donalds more than once a month"
or "you can only have one beer a night" "were footing the bill so we can force this"
Maybe for a vast majority of people the government should do this?:D

JK'ing they don't do that here, no one in their right mind would get between a Canadian and his beer.