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Nov 28, 2008
Philadelphia PA suburbs
I've been studying alternative cancer treatments since the '80s. Just put up a website last Friday.
The hope is that patents can free their minds by understanding how messed up the current system of FDA approval is, and why their oncologists almost certainly is not offering the type of treatments that give the greatest chance for survival. It's early yet, so the website will go through a lot of changes.

I have a lot of info to add. Work has been a little slow so I've put some hours in the past week. I found this interview yesterday and spent a bunch of time on Grammarly sorting out the transcript to make it readable. I think this Dr has a lot to offer. This is only about half the interview so far:

Dr Simon Yu on parasites, dental infections and cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

The following is a heavily edited transcript of an interview with St Louis internist, Dr. Simon Yu. Dr. Yu finds that treating parasites in his patients with IBS has lead to the spontaneous healing of many other chronic diseases. These unexpected miraculous results have lead Dr. Yu to believe that parasites and dental infections are major contributing factors in 90% of all major chronic illnesses, including cancer. Dr. Yu's findings are quite compelling, and, if true, offer hope to terminal cancer patients that are willing to use these cutting edge treatments.

There is a grassroots movement to use Fenbendazole, an anti-parasitic, as part of a Joe Tippens protocol to treat cancer. The many reports of healing terminal cancer from patients that have tried the Joe Tippens protocol seem to confirm Dr. Yu's findings that parasites and lingering dental infections are major causes of cancer.

Dr. Yu's full interview can be seen here in this 67 minute YouTube video. More information on the Joe Tippens protocol using Fenbendazole can be found here and on the facebook group. Log into Facebook | Facebook -

Parasites, fungi, and dental issues are three of the commonly overlooked factors that may hold people back from achieving optimal health. Unfortunately, conventional medicine often overlooks these important keys. But fortunately for us, we have Dr. Simon Yu, MD. Not only does MD stand for Medical Doctor, but in his case, it also stands for "medical detective." Using his Acupuncture Meridian Assessment Techniques, he's often able to find clues that many others may have missed.

Dr. Yu: I'm an internist, and I do look for parasites, but before 2001 I never thought parasites were anything significant in my practice in the United States, just like everybody else. In 2001, I was in Bolivia on a mission for Indian natives. We gave parasite medication every day for two weeks to about 10,000 people. We use either Pyrantel pamoate or Mebendazole because they are the two least expensive parasite medications available for the US Army.

I had been doing Acupuncture Meridian Assessment for 25 years before 2001. If somebody had IBS, an intestinal problem, I would check the meridian system showing the large intestine is out of balance. I would put them on natural parasite remedies like wormwood, black walnut, clove oil, and patients generally got better.

It wasn't until 2001 when I came back from Bolivia that I decided to try these pharmaceutical parasite medications to see how patients responded. So I use Pyrantel pamoate or Mebendazole depending on how they tested. Patients that got better from IBS symptoms also would say, “Oh, by the way, maybe it’s a coincidence that my asthma went away.” Or, “By the way, my chronic fatigue, my Fibromyalgia got better, my neurologist said I don't have an MS anymore. And cancer patients had their condition became more stable. It was all just phenomenal. I see migraine headaches go away all the time. Besides IBS, there many other problems go away spontaneously using parasite medications.

To use the analogy from the military training, we are looking for what I call an asymmetric threat.

The enemy that you don't know because they are hiding. As an unknown threat that we often overlook parasite, fungal, and dental problems.

Whether I like it or not, I have a sort of a reputation as a guy to look for parasite problems. I don't have any formal training in parasites, just purely from experience from the military, and then applying that in different combinations to produce a better successful outcome.

It's hard to get rid of parasites if you have a dental infection. I've been doing DNA tests that find that people have parasite problems in dental cavitations (pockets left after tooth removal) and in periodontal problems. With DNA tests, we often find not only all different microbes but parasites such as protozoa and entamoeba that go down to the gut. It is very hard to break their cycle as long as dental problems persist. When treatments for parasite problems fail, it is usually the result of a dental problem.

I do acupuncture meridian assessment. Now with modern technology, we have an electronic device so we can measure the meridian system more precisely.

When people come to see me, whether they have MS, Parkinson's, ALS, or cancer or some unusual condition, I tell them, “I'm going to make a conscious effort to ignore your diagnosis and ignore your symptoms. Let's look into the underlying problem.” I'm relying on the meridian system to go lookout in the subtle energy field, what the problem might be.

I check for 40 main acupuncture points known for thousands of years. It's not new information. There is much wisdom associated with the meridian system. We're just exploring the tie into the whole matrix system. I can pick up information that people didn't address before.

I always look for issues in layer after layer. Infection is a first-line I am trying to fix. So infection is a part of detoxification. It is the first way to rebalance the meridian system except for dental problems and the allergy immunology point. The allergy immunology point and the dental point are not classical Chinese acupuncture points. That was developed by German acupuncturist, Dr. Reinhard Voll.

For dental and allergy points, what I see not only the hidden dental materials like amalgam, mercury, cadmium, palladium, nickel, or those environmental toxins and the infections, especially parasites. People don't think about parasites in their teeth.

In the allergy immunology point, I see heavy metal problems, fungal problems, mycotoxins, environmental toxins, and even electromagnetic fields. If patinets are very sensitive, the immune system can pick up EMFs and become sick through how they respond. Not only do you need to know who your enemy is, but you also need to know yourself. In terms of biological terrain, are you acidic, or are you alkaline? Is your redox potential out of balance? All those parameters are your biological terrain.

If they have perfect pH and normal redox potential, but their resistivity is out of line, then nothing works. If the pH and resistivity are perfect, but the redox is out of balance, then the body just doesn't function well.

Do you use things like coffee enemas, or colonics, liver gallbladder flushes, or oil pulling in your practice?

Dr. Yu: Absolutely, based on what the meridian showing. I go through the sequence and use "oil pulling" because I see dental problems all the time. You are pulling the toxins from your oral cavity. But that only gets through the superficial level. If you have oral cavitations, then oil pulling is just not good enough.

Your bowel has to move. I always use some kind of intestinal cleansing to make sure you have one or two bowel movements a day. Then you can do a gallbladder and liver flush. It is especially important for those people who are going through the parasite and fungal cleansing to go through the cycle of a gall bladder and liver flush. Highly motivated people, such as somebody who is really sick, it is good to do coffee enemas.

I think most people with chronic illness, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, MS, Parkinson's, and other neurologic disorders or cancer, at least 90% of the time, have problems with parasites and dental problems. I never separate dental issues from parasites. It’s a continual spectrum. I’m looking for infections. If you treat one, but not the other one, you just cannot break that cycle.

I wrote a few articles on the issue of parasites and mind control, or parasites, and mental illness. We find that psychiatric medication can turn out to have some anti-parasitic activity — this is an interesting phenomenon.

Many people think of parasites as primarily a gastrointestinal issue. But isn't it true that most parasites in the body live outside of the GI tract?

Dr. Yu: That is correct. That's one of the major misunderstandings because parasites migrate. They love to go to the lung, to the liver, pancreas, spleen, even to the brain and eyes. I have a patient who is going blind, losing eyesight. Her ophthalmologist can see parasites in the eye, and she was losing eyesight every week. I put her on triple parasite medication as an emergency case, and she gained her eyesight back.

Are you more concerned generally with the smaller protozoan parasites or, the larger parasites like the worms and helminths or nematodes? How important are these in the work that you do with patients?

Dr. Yu: Actually, I do not separate them. I'll go through the meridian testing. If its an issue in the large intestine or small intestine, it is usually larger ones like the tapeworm, nematode. If I'm picking up the signal in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas that can be liver flukes, pancreatic flukes, or maybe nematode or possibly protozoa.

If it is in the brain, it can be anything. It can be flukes, tapeworm, nematode, or even protozoa infections. I'm not interested in naming the name of the parasite. I'm relying on the meridian system. We know what parasite medication works on what parasites. So I'm reverse engineering pharmacology’s information. If the meridian testing response, gallbladder meridian with the Praziquantel and Albendazole, then I'm dealing with maybe tapeworm and flukes or maybe a nematode. If they respond to Alinia or Tinidazole, maybe I'm dealing with protozoa. I have some idea of what kind of parasite I'm dealing with, but not so sure of its name. That's not important to me.
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Here's what I got so far:

1) treat inflammation by removing the irritant, which could be from food allergies (ie remove from diet all gluten, lectins, processed foods etc), inflection, heavy metal toxicity, and leaky gut.
2) detoxify the body: the main pathway is through the bowel. Get bowels moving three to four times per day. Increase dietary fiber ( how to cook vegetables to preserve fiber). Rectal implants (8 oz of aloe vera), coffee enemas, and colonic irrigation (colema board). And liver support through supplements and herbal teas. Also detoxify through sweat, long hot baths, and saunas. And through the kidney (herbal support) and breath: cardio. And using panchakarma which combines diet, bodywork and colon cleansing/ sweats to remove toxins from the body.
3) Rebuild the microbiome through fermented foods, fiber, herbal teas, and probiotics
4) Treat nutritional deficiencies with diet, superfoods and supplements. Vitamin D, K2, anti-oxidants, marine algae, moringa, chlorella, flax seeds, etc.
5) Exercise to improve circulation ( especially microcirculation). Yoga, walking, rebounder, weight training, cardio.
Note there are many recommendations that overlap these categories. Fiber will help rebuild the microbiome and keep the bowels moving. Yoga improves circulation and reduces inflammation etc.

Forgiveness, let go of all past resentments and blame, as well as forgiving yourself and accepting that everything you did along the way helped you to survive and seemed like a good idea at the time.
Calm and peace, deep relaxation, massage, meditation, yoga, nature walks, bonding with animals.
Mission: remembering what you are here to do. Develop a plan to be of service
Journaling, psychodrama, life coaching etc.