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Be sure to take the time to read the whole thing. It really was a good read with pics. The fella that took the pics & wrote the story has an unusual manner in the way he writes.
That was good, thanks. I used to hang out on The Luminous Landscape a few years ago. Excellent educational forum.
"that ice will STOP, and you will experience the sensation of moving in the opposite direction, again & again, I would fall over, much to the delight of the hunters sitting there watching this dumb city boy from Boston!"

I am only half way through the story...incredible stuff, the pictures are remarkable, for sure.

Thanks for the link.
Thanks! I would never have found that. I've had to put it in my 'library links' for later though, ^&*%$ dialup. The pictures I did see were beautiful....gorgeous, healthy looking kids!
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Some of the stuff he brings up such as the people 3'-4' tall that live under ground & have incredible strength......Makes one wonder a bit?