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I set up a zipp line for the kids in the back yard. The top is set in a Live Oak at about 30' -- and it extends over 80' down to the anchorage point. Luckily, my zipp line was 150' kernmantle,, plenty long enough for what I used it for. Then on the zipp-line I have my hitchclimber attached to a biner with a spinner and another biner attached to the harness. The harness I fashioned from a continuous loop of nylon rigging sling. Then to pull the kids to the top, I had rigged up a pulley next to the top zipp-line which I use to pull them back to the top-- and to control the descent somewhat. They freakin love it! After doing this for an hour or so, I decided to order a childrens harness from Wesspur. That way, it's a little more comfortable than the sling I created which gets tighter with weight added.

Here's a crude draft of what it looks like......


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Very cool! On the 27th I'm going here with my wife for our anniversary:

WOW! The prices are great! Something like that is exactly what my wife and I would do with our family. Screw the over-crowded water parks! Before the kids came, we would go primitive camping every weekend at Panther Caves, President- Pennsylvania. We would watch the rock climbers for a while then go to our site deep in the forest and set up a rapell down a 60' rock face. Those were the good ole' days......
Yah I thought the prices were very reasonable too, but I haven't been there yet either so I'll reserve judgement for now :D. Also it's connected to the 'enchanted forest' theme park so we'll make a day of it and the in-laws will hang with our daughter (3 year old) while we take to the trees.
Very cool! On the 27th I'm going here with my wife for our anniversary:

She'll love it, and you to, squish!!

TheZip Trek in Fitsimmons Creek canyon between Whister and Blackcomb is prolly a very cool one as well!!

When I find time, between work, resting my facked knee, and watching the Olympics, I'll post up pics of Mick zipping (very slowly, unfortunately, out of an ivy covered cedar--from Wed.....) right to the cab of the chip twuck.....
Nice detail with the diagram!

Zip lines are fun. They are great for all ages.;)
Well I was wrong we were going on the 26th not the 27th. Here's a few pics of some zipping, me on a skateboard at 20', and my wife being rescued!:D It was a hell of a good time, very well done.


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