You cant fix STUPID

Wonder why that guy didn't clip the birds wings? It got away before this...
A bird? ... A bird. ... A BIRD!?!! One more reason I have an aversion to pets, especially pet people.
Ya from the looks of your avatar you look like a pet hater alright!:lol:

I don't know what to say, what was the guy thinking?
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right outside the local headshop/go cart track.....dont think he was thinking:|:
I shoot birds that come around my house. Especially pigeons. They love to sit on open casement windows and leave their filthy droppings. My Beeman spring air pellet rifle with 3-9X scope is great for that.
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And our latest Darwin award winner is....

thats what I was thinking....doh

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Hollywood is a pet hater! He only looks happy in his avatar because he is happy about the dinner he is gonna make from those puppies!
Is that legal?

The condo where I do maintenance work had over 300 pigeons killed by the Board of Health for health reasons. Other places in Waikiki also had hundreds of them killed for the same reason. The other birds that come around are bulbols, which is considered an invasive agricultural pest that the state would like to eradicate but they are already fully established. They love to eat the avocados off my tree.

My neighbors are all cool and I get along with everybody on my whole street.
I see no problem. No one has complained even when I target shoot the air rifle for 30 minutes in my yard.
pidgeons,starlings, sparrows--all lice carriers, and filthy-----
Sad, sometimes you just have to know when to say no. Also that movie made my day expect for the skateboading ones. Thats just plain fun when you wreck your balls on a handrail or even better yet your head on the pavement.
Believe me, I hated every minute of that picture. Tophopper made me do it!