Would you pay 5 dollars to mail a letter?

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I'm in the post office the other day mailing a first class letter. It cost me 41 cents.
The guy behind the counter asks me if I want 'delivery confirmation', 'return receipt (signature), certified mailing or insurance.

I got to thinking about all that. One (delivery confirmation), I pay the guy the agreed upon price to mail a letter and then he asks me, do you want to make sure I do the job?

I understand the insurance part, also the part where the receiver has to sign to prove I sent the letter to them, but the delivery confirmation part seems silly to me.

I would prefer to pay alot more to mail a letter and have it get to where it is going instead of being nickeled and dimed with all this fluff.

The bottom line is, it is unrealistic to pay 41 cents and have some fool drive all the way across the country and hand deliver some letter.

As it stands now, the rates keep going up by small increments, and it is becoming more and more uncertain if the letter even gets there. UNLESS, I pay the additional money to 'make sure'.

I wish I could run my business that way.

Picture this:" Yes we can do the job, mam. Just sign here and we will schedule the job. Oh, and if you want to make sure we actually do the job, would you like the 'guaranteed work completion' added service? It only costs 5% of the job total. Just sign here to accept".

O.K. morning rant over
As long as there are humans involved, and as long as transportation methods are capable of being affected by weather, then there will be some small degree of error or inefficiency.

If you price a removal job as a 'flop and cleanup' but then the customer adds the requirement that you can't rut up the yard, do you increase the price to deal with the extra time and expense of rigging everything out?

The post office is simply upselling with 'value added' services. The small minority of people who pay for special handling help subsidize the base price for the rest of us.

I'm very happy that I can mail a check from Orlando to Gary in Washington state for 41 cents and most of the time he gets it the next day. :thumbup: