Wisconsin V4HD Motor problems

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Tree Guy's Wife

Hey everyone.

We just got a "new to us" motor for our chipper - a 30HP Wisconsin V4HD. (Our old motor blew).

This new motor starts immediately, but when it's running under load white smoke is coming out of the oil filler tube. When chipping larger material the engine begins to smoke even more and starts to misfire, then when running under normal idle it runs smooth again. Any ideas? We just did an oil change so there shouldn't be any water in the oil.
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Tree Guy says it's an air cooled motor.
Its an air cooled engine Skwerl:roll:

White smoke from the oil filler tube is excessive crank case pressure, or in other words, bad rings.

Its pretty common on the Wisconsin motors. Do a compression check on it and you'll find the weak cylinder.

Running rough when its warm? might be running too hot........check the plugs and make sure its not running lean and double check that all the shrouding is free of debris and its flowing good air.
Do what Jonsared said and also adjust the valves. The little screen where the blow-by exits must be kept clean also. If you don't keep the screen clean then it will build up pressure in the crankcase and eventually blow oil into the magneto or distributor, whichever you have.
When chipping larger material the engine begins to smoke even more and starts to misfire, then when running under normal idle it runs smooth again.

Sounds like its lean and when the governor opens up the throttle it has no gas to give it. Starts popping and banging??? then when the load is off it idles nice??

Check the fuel supply, carb adjustments and the timing.
Over filled with oil comes to mind right off the bat. It might have the wrong dipstick? I think? that motor took thre and a half quarts with a filter, but I can make a phone call if needed.
I would lean to a sticky or stuck valve next. Those I head motors get carboned up and the valves will stick open. Or the valve gap might be wrong, either way a valve might be sticking open allowing oil to blow past the valve.
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Thanks guys. I'm printing this out for Tree Guy and he can go over it. I'm supposed to tell that interestingly there is no smoke coming out the muffler.

Ahhh........when is this stuff ever simple?

Now you have a new problem!!! Where is the smoke coming from?

Edit: Jonsered has this one nailed!!
Read Andy read.

Out of the oil filler that is also the crankcase vent.
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So - is this a relatively easy/inexpensive fix or are we screwed?
This is a motor rebuild Nat, sorry:whine:

Find someone that can do a compression check for you, anything less than 75psi a cylinder, it's done. 75 is a LOW number FYI!!
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I think we'll be asking for our money back. Thanks guys.
Reringing a Wisconsin 4 is not that big of a deal . The parts are a tad high priced though . If I could figure out what in the world is wrong with my damned computer I would post a link for the parts . I can neither post a link nor a picture on this stupid thing for some reason .:(

Back to the v4 .On these danged things you have to keep the shrouding free of crud and in place because they run hot ,just the nature of the beast . Before you ever shut one down ,let it run for a cool off period .They are pretty tough engines but you have to remember they are air cooled and act accordingly .

The most common problem with them is the valves which are prone to get stuck open for some reason . Also the Marvel -Schebler carb can give you fits from time to time .
We ran one for years and it stuck a valve. They get carbon baked on them from running so hot. We were advised to put "top oil" in the gas to prevent it from happening again. It was about the size of a 2 1/2 gallon pre-mix oil container for 10 or 12 gallons of gas. Bardahl made it.
Nat, how much was the engine? you would be better off sourcing a good small diesel for that chipper than messing about with those old Wisconsin engines.
Well now that's another thing . They used these 30 HP engines in skid loaders ,compressers ,welders ,you name it . They fetch a pretty steep price these days .

Back in the day of engine driven bailers they used the 30 and 34 HP engines on the wire ties and the older string tied ones used the 24 HP . You used to be able to get the whole bailer for a couple of hundred now the engine will fetch 1500-2 grand .

Not to rub salt in the wound but I've got a 34 HP sitting in my shop I was forced to bid 40 bucks for ,runs great . Right place,right time .;)
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We paid $1000 for it, plus about $300 shipping, border fees, etc. So, we're into it for about $1300. Finding that motor was REALLY hard. It's not even the original motor that was on the machine. We just didn't have the $4000 - $5000 to buy something else. (We've put out over $15 000 in vehicle and equipment repairs this years so far.)

Tree Guy is going to take a good look at it tomorrow and see what he can do. Our problem is, frankly, that we're out of cash, credit, everything. We just don't have the money for another motor right now. So, if we can't get this one running I'm not sure what we'll do.

We'll come thru it, I'm sure. It's just so frustrating!