Whos using Bailout

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I've used them both. I like the moderate stiffness of bailout. I've spliced it, but I haven't got any sort of "go-ahead" from samson about if it can be spliced the way I spliced it.

I use Bail Out to tie my VT. I like it because it is pretty firm and doesn't flatten out the way Ice Tail does. Also much more durable and longer lasting. I'm working with Samson right now to get the OK to sell it with spliced eyes. They say it cannot be spliced, but I've seen pieces with spliced eyes before.
Sean, let me in on this action. I have spliced bail out!!!

I think what they mean is, "it is too hard for us to splice and still make a profit."

I just want an ok that the core is strong enough to handle an exposed eye splice like beeline or hrc.

Somebody email me tonight a reminder to get a pic up here of my spliced bailout!!!!

I'm gonna call them tomorrow!

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I want a spliced prussic to try out, PM sent!
I'm excited about this because I wanted to be able to sell spliced bailout to people. It's a good, tough cord. I was initially told that samson couldn't "approve" any splice on that cord. Trying to stay in-line with ANSI, I opted to just not sell it...though I could've had some tested for my own records, it wouldn't have been in-line with the manufacturers recommendations.

I've been testing it. I know Kathy H from the Buzz really likes it. Other people are asking for it. As soon as there is enough pressure, I think Samson will take a moment to find/approve some splicing directions for the rope.

When you get up tomorrow, call Samson 360.384.4669 and tell them you'd love to try a spliced version of Bailout!

I'm interested too. Among the hi temp cords, I've only used BeeLine, which, to me, is too soft, flattens out, and thus binds up. I like HRC but haven't used it much. Kathy showed me her Bailout at our climbing comp (which I called Icetail at da Buzz and was reprimanded by her). After a year of use, she said, I think, it showed little wear. Nice!!

I still like my PSRopes 3/8 double braid...works fine, just gotta replace it fairly often. But wanna get some Bailout...and spliced, nicky....lemme know when you can accomodate....and we'll talk length....eh!
Sean, let me in on this action. I have spliced bail out!!!

You got it Nick - I'll let you know if/when I get approval from Samson to splice this stuff. I agree, I think they're saying it isn't spliceable simply because their splicers don't want to have to do it. The piece Kathy sent me with an eye on it looks like it must have been a tough bury to push through - it's rock hard around the throat. I can sure understand why they wouldn't want to do this.
I've be trying to find someome to splice Bailout for me for awhile now (as you know Nick).

Michael "House" Tain did Kathy H's for her and I know how much she loves it, but he won't sell it yet, which is understandable.

I have 10' of bailout which I cut and made split tails out of using a Double Fisherman's Loop, but its too bulky to use with my HitchClimber. I use it on my lanyards only.

Bailout is awesome, and when someone starts selling it with a spliced eye, I will be one of the first one's to order it!

Please keep us posted.
Can Bailout be Grizzly spliced or some other type of sewn splice?

I am using Beeline and Ice Tail on my hitch climber with grizzly splices and they seem to work very well, depending on the type of knot.

Just curious if there would be a problem with this on Bailout.

I use Bailout for my Klemheist if I want to foot lock old school style.
whats become of this? i have been using the bailout cover on a spectra core. i just found a better cover made from sterling rope, its like the bailout but a double carrier and comes in many sizes
I just emailed samson again to see if I can get some rope to splice up. We'll see how that goes.

Lemme find mine and take a pic of it (if I find it!)...I have pics SOMEWHERE on this harddrive.

I have received a definite NO from Samson about splicing Bail Out. I was told that the problem is not one of profitability but of possiblity. They say the cover is bound too tightly on the core to make a bury possible. After I showed them the piece that Kathy sent to me with an eye splice in it, they were horrified. Apparently this is a core-dependant line, and Michael Tain (who spliced kathy's piece) had removed the core from the eye and buried only the cover. On top of that, the bury was done about 1/4 as far as it should have been done. The dnd result was and eye-to-eye prusik whose strength may have been only a few hundred pounds, which she had been climbing on for a year! :\:

Bottom line: Bail Out cannot be spliced because it is impossible to make the bury deep enough.
i have been using bailout cover with a hollow braid spectra core, that allows me to still make a good safe splice under a strong kernmantle heat resistant cover. i have just found a sterling brand cord like bailout but better, like the bailout its not safely spliced but does make fer a nice core swap;)