Who knows anything about DIY window tint?

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I'm trying to tint my truck's windows. Just the extended cab, and canopy, and just for the sake of shade for my dog, and to help keep prying eyes off my fly rods, saws, etc.

I want it to look nice, but it it ain't got to be perfect...I'm OK with that. What I don't want is the big bubbles you get with a crappy job.

I did just the driver's side extended cab window, and I got a tiny, tiny bit of fuzz in there, and I'm like, "DAMMIT!"

I can actually live with the tiny bit of fuzz. But my question is, how long will it last before it turns into a big nasty bubble that looks like ass? Or should I go have it done professionally somewhere?

Anyone know about this stuff? :?

Sorry Jeff, it probably wont take long! It's an art!! The best thing I learned was to leave the sheep ovesize, CLEAN everything THREE times, then spray with soapy water and squeege it out.
It always kicked my ass, I learned it's one of those things you get what you pay for what you get.
You can get a pickup professionally tinted for less than $100 and probably less than $75. I paid $90 for the tinting in my bucket truck. I've seen too many crappy, purple, bubbly tint jobs on crappy cars to ever consider trying to do it myself. After you figure the cost of materials, you can only save a possible $40-$50 by doing it yourself and that's just not enough to be worth the time and effort.
I would also get it done professionally. I am in the market right now to have it done (104 degrees today!). When I see windows done the way I consider acceptable, I stop people in parking lots and ask them who did theirs, blah, blah, blah. I've never had someone say they did it themselves.

I'm sure a person could get the job done right but when I see the faded purple window tints that are peeling, cracking, AND bubbling, I just think....yeah- I'll pay $200 to NOT deal with that.

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking, and why I stopped at one window before I went and did the whole thing! I don't know how much it costs, but I'll look into it tomorrow.
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Yeah, I just went out and ripped it off before it was too stuck on there. I'll make some calls in the morning and get some prices.

Can they do it in a day?
Yeah...they can do it pretty quick. Some places in less than an hour.

I'm trying to find someone around here that can do the 3M stuff, because I trust that company. I'll end of paying a little more, but I don't mind.

Ask about warantees and guarantees against bubbling, peeling, fading, or cracking.

Make sure you ask them about state laws that affect you. In CA you aren't allowed to tint the front windows, though many people do it.

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Yeah, I'm just wanting to do the square windows of my extended cab, and my canopy. I'm not going to touch my driver/passenger window or windshild.

I figured they could do it pretty quick. I did just this one today in about a half hour and that was reading every step in the instructions like a first grader, and not knowing what the hell I was doing. I was thinking if I knew what was going on, I could do the whole truck in a couple of hours.

Now I'm impatient, and want to call the shops in town and get it in there tomorrow!
Jeff, they have different shades as well, measured by how much UV is blocked. I put the lighter stuff on the bucket truck because visibility is so critical for me when trying to squeeze that big truck into somebody's back yard. It cuts down on the heat and glare a lot without making the window very dark.

I suggest doing the driver and passenger side windows as well, just use a lighter tint.
As long as you're having it done go ahead and get the windshield strip added, it helps a LOT!


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It's 6 AM here, so I'll be able to call in a few hours. I'll be rollin' in style in no time!
So Andy... what are you really trying to say here... :P


Well for one I can't type or spell:lol:

Secondly, I have tried it more than once with less than happy results!

They can do it in about an hour Jeff. Get the front back and sided done, it helps a lot! I want to see if they can go darker on my truck even. It should run around $150-$200 for you're truck.
purple tint= crank addict around here.

Butch, that upper windshield strip tint is a great idea! Never thought of that. Now on the list for sure
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I'll see what it costs for the front windows as well. Like I said, this is mainly just for shade for my dog in the back, and to keep casual eyes off my fly rods and saws.

I'm replacing the camo I had on there before. It was five years old and starting to peel and look ratty, so I took it off-


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around here its against the legalities to tint the driver or front passenger window. not a lot of sun most of the year so it isnt really that big of a deal. My current truck has the back window tinted, I think its the first vehicle I have had with tint. The only other sunblock would be my '80 Z28 with the louvers on the back window 8)
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Well I guess that's what I get for living in the sticks. One place in town does it- $300 and it will take all day! :O
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Yeah, the two small square windows on my truck, and all the way around my canopy....the thing with my canopy if you look in the pic is that it's got sliding windows, so they have to do each pane.

And it'll take so long because of the dog hair in there! :|:

But they're just down the street, so I could drive down and ride my bike back and hang out at the house all day long eating Doritos and watching game shows, then ride back down and pick it up and burn off the Doritos!