Where is Wesley? Koa Man?

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Havent read him here in awhile....
Whats up?
Here is a picture of my friend Pierre who invented this bag for dropping coconuts into so they dont dirty the 'precious' stone flagging owned by two gay guys....
Thought you might like the idea, Wesley
Guys around here simply tie a plastic bucket to the trunk right below where they are working, or better yet run one off a pulley and lower to the groundies...

I thought Wesley would have mentioned something about Hawaii defeating Boise State last weekend in football.
I should start a new thread about this, but I'm hoping Brennan gets the Heisman this year. Talent wise, he is probably the most deserving candidate. The problem is he plays at UH which doesn't have a major reputation in the world of college athletics. I think he still has a good shot, especially if they go undefeated.

Hi Frans,
Thanks for thinking about me. My 10 month old laptop wouldn't boot up and I had no video. Even plugging it in to an aux. monitor did not help. I emailed HP about it, since it was still under their 1 year warranty. To their credit, they overnighted a box for me to overnight it back to them for repair. I just got it back after a week, including the shipping. It was nice that they did not have to reformat the HD, especially since I did not back up stuff like pictures and other records for 2 weeks before it crapped out.

I have been checking the Tree House on my smart phone, but it is too much of a hassle to try and post with it.
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Welcome back, Koa Man!
I wish you a great holiday season