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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
Bounce- Marc P from the buzz sent me this link today: Wesspur Adjustable Slings and way at the bottom you have this sling:

Neat idea- a whoopie with both eyes being adjustable. However, the description for this item says:

Balancer Whoopie Sling:This modified Whoopie sling has an adjustable eye at each end (shown here.) Works as a limb balancer when one end is connected to the rigging line with a prusik knot and the other end to the branch tip. Once connected, the prusik knot can be moved up or down the rigging line to balanced out the branch.

To be used as described, there is no value in having TWO adjustable eyes.

It's a neat idea for a sling, but I'm not sure exactly how it would best be applied.

Anyone else think of another application for a sling like this?

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I have an adjustable 3/8 yalex on my upper ascender. It has helped me to play around and see if I want things longer or shorter.

But still, you don't need 2 adjustable eyes for that.

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I keep meaning to splice a ring into my ascender adjuster.

I was thinking the sling could be used by putting a prusik on the middle of it between the two adjustable eyes, then girth a sling around each end of the branch, then clip the prusik to the rigging line, and the adjustable eyes to each girth hitched sling. Now you adjust the balance point by tightening or loosening the adjustable eyes...but even this is way over complicated....

But VERY cool. I was suprised that it actually work ascending AND descending in both DRT and SRT. You gotta admit, that's pretty cool.


Cool it may be...but cool don't get the job done at highest efficiency and best allocation of your resources. Are we talking about figuring out how many different cool ways we can do "it", or are we wanting to git 'er done as efficiently as possible at low outlay of resources, i.e. your hard earned dollars, my friends?
True dat.....by using Chris Cowell's setup for an extendable bridge (replacing the mini-ascender with a mini prussic) and a hitch climber, you gain most the advantages of the Uni---for a fraction of the cost.
This product was the brainchild of Charley Brown (no, really) after Katrina. The value of having both eyes be adjustable is so that it can more easily be custom fitted to branches with different lengths. Obviously one eye doesn't have to be adjustable because you're just tying a prusik knot with it. The other eye is adjustable so that after tying the prusik knot onto the rigging line, you can limbwalk out to the tip, lop it off, and then slip the eye over the new tip and slide it back until you like it's position. Any slack is then taken out with the adjustable eye. The reason Charley wanted 2 adjustable eyes was because (1) he was getting tired from 12 hour days and kept getting the ends confused, and (2) because having another adjustable eye at the prusik allowed for even greater adjustability for accomodating even the shortest branches. Bottom line: this sling has twice the adjustability because it has 2 adjustable eyes instead of 1.

Of course, you could always just take a length of rope with you and tie bowlines at the correct places to do the same thing. :|:
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Sean, i feel ya dawg!!!

I didn't think about the quickness of not having to flip around for the proper eye.

Also, one eye might wear faster than the other. 2 adjustable eyes allow you to flip it occasionally to spread the wear evenly.

hmm- where did that pic come from!!!

I like the whistle - I have one JUST LIKE THAT on my white petzel helmet
How do you blow the whistle with it stuck to your helmet? I've worn a whistle lots but always on my suspenders in the bush, easy to blow.
As in fall out while you're climbing? Or grab it if you need it? If I'm injured I don't want to have to be unhooking some whistle in order to blow on it, or a helmet for that matter. What if you took a saw to the face? You ain't gonna be pulling your helmet off to blow your whistle?
It is on one of the little wire retractable things. I double taped it on the back of my helmet - the one Nick is wearing - you can grab it and just BLOW then let it go and Never loose it.

I NOW also have added a mini finger press spot light, one of the led thingies.

easy to find in a pinch AND within reach for me
I carry my whistle attached to one of those, too. Mine came from the fishing shop, for hooking a snipper or some such tool to your flyfishing vest. Mine is pinned to my 2-way radio bra.