Weird Campers, Unusual RVs, and Other Bizarre Rolling Rooms

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I've always wanted to build my own camper. Cool site!

my temp rig a couple years back. the camper is no longer in existence, my buddy that owned it decided to set it afire one drunken night :(


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yup, aluminum over wood filled with cloth, plastic and wood. . that and gasoline.
more'n likely. those fellas have been known to fill one pickup with tires and pallets (rather than mess about with firewood) while the others have campers for the weekend. I dont think they are that stupid anymore but....


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I don't have any pics yet, but a guy in Oviedo I know is customizing a bus. He bought it, stripped it down and he's redone the inside. So far he has close to 50 k with everything he's done. Its pretty wild, every year he has 20 or so people at his place who bring their customized buses for a week or so.
my temp rig a couple years back. the camper is no longer in existence, my buddy that owned it decided to set it afire one drunken night :(

I traveled and lived in one like that in '77. NY - TX Stayed west of Houston (Brookshire/Katy) Built a Jim Walters house in a rural black area - 3 weeks. Stayed outside of Fort Hood (Stillhouse Lake) for 2 weeks. Made a trip down to the Rio Grande (Donna/Mercedes/Weslaco) 3 of us-me, my sweetie, our almost 2 year old son - it was fun.
I'll tell you a big old motorhome would be the cats' meow if somebody wanted to be a storm chaser .That damned thing will go about 750-800 miles on a tank of fuel ,self contained .It has everything . It would get trashed chasing storms but at least you'd have a base of operations. Lousey way to make a living but some have gotten rich doing so .

A local clown set off a few years back with a bunch of junk equipment .Lousisana I think .Two years later he was back with a pocket full of money and all brand new stuff .
It wouldn't be a bad deal .Get something you could tow,like a manual tranny Ranger . A person could tour the country,work a little here and there if you wanted to .

My uncle was retired but he did basically that for a couple of years .He had a mail drop box that would forward his mail to where ever he was at . Reqistered the mobile home in Oregon where there was no sales tax on about a 200 thou land cruiser at the time .Unc Phil was in business long enough he knew how to beat most taxes legally .
I often get asked why I would take a trip in the 7 mpg motorhome towing the car, when I have a Prius that gets 40+ mpg. I compared the cost per day of gas and lodging for my 2 week trip to climb redwoods with Willie and Frans to a 10 day trip a week later in the the motorhome to Illinois to visit relatives. It was a difference of less than a dollar a day. The difference was spending $0 to $25 per night for camping spots, vs. $35 to $130 per night for motels. The motorhome was only on the road for about 5 days, we used the Prius the rest of the time during our stay.

The wife and I would like to take a trip down through the southeast next Jan or Feb for about 3 or 4 weeks. Possibly visit Tree Housers down as far as Gigi on Marathon Key. Get some experience in palms, live oaks and southern pines. My ideal trip would involve working about 3 to 4 days a week for someone, sight see in the area and then move on. I have a brother in law that spends about a month in Gulf Shores each year. Would probably stop there to say hello.

PS. I have all my own climbing gear, plus am becoming pretty adept at flying a bucket in my current job.
We sell motorhomes at work and they are a blast till you have to fix them. Right now I'm waiting to see the outcome of a 48 ft fifth wheel that belongs to one of the drivers. Had a leak in the roof and messed up on corner of the front pretty bad. Bosses brother who sells the motorhomes figures once the insurance settles with the driver I can get it for about 8 grand at most. We have a gorgeous Eagle bus conversion up on consignment also. I wish I had the 150,000 to buy it. NEW 8-71 detroit diesel engine, New Allison transmission, New drive axle, and a new 14k generator. Customer has receipts for 450,000 in the bus.