We have a good group here!


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Mar 6, 2005
I just wanted to say. I'm proud of what ya'll have evolved the TreeHouse into. I tip my hat to all of you! :thumbup:
I was told that if I hang out here & post a few times there would be beer, pizza & hookers after a year.:D

So far I'm solber, hungry & sitll aint got any yet!!!:X

Guess I'll be here for a while, eh!:P
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We've had to slack off on the hookers... but the PIZZA! You should have tons of that!!!
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Bring on the man hug pic!!!

<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4767&stc=1&d=1210630903'><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4767&stc=1&d=1210630903'>
I noticed that Spiderlifts pulled out their sponsored forum at the Arborsite. All they were getting there was several idiots who never owned or even operated a spiderlift running their lifts down.

I do agree, things are very pleasant here.
Thanks Butch! This place is a part of my everyday life. I feel very privileged and thankful that I can come and be amongst some of the most respected and successful Arborists in the world..... It sure has taken my knowledge and abilities as a climber to an awesome level!
This place is so much more then just tree talk. Thanks to you MB.:D
This place is so much more then just tree talk. Thanks to you MB.:D

Yeah, I like being able to say bad words sometimes. :D

Seriously, thanks to everybody for making this the most comfortable place on the internet.
A big THANKYOU to you Chief for bringing us all together......we really should have a TH meet and greet at some point. But, where would we do it?
The TH has came a long way for sure . By far the very best with regards to a the actual working of the trees and other arborists type things . There is a good mix of both true professionals as well as non pro types and it gives a good mix of things world wide .

Of course the non tree related stuff is interesting also makes for a good read .

Regarding certain sponsers on one praticular other forum ,it comes as no surprise why they may only use that site for a year or less . The structure of which is used to determine sponsership fees is shall we say misleading regarding the pay involved or so I've been told by several reliable sources .

I would imagine those which did or do provide advertising dollars most likely don't feel the cost involved is justified by the amount charged for the ads .

It's kind of amusing though because most likely the best advertising comes from these sites by peoples testimonials of actually doing business with a said suppliers .
we really should have a TH meet and greet at some point. But, where would we do it?

I can tell you it would have to be in Alexandria, LA. MB is a home boy :lol: Maybe we could get DOC to host it! HA!

Seriously, MB your mama would be proud of you, you have done a great job with the TreeHouse.