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Time to order more, anybody got any favorites? Have been using the little yellow stuff but another climber had some thicker orange line that seemed to cooperate alot better.
The 1.8mm Zing It is good, but IMO the 2.2mm Zing It is much better. It is easier to grip without cutting your fingers, it doesn't birdsnest anywhere near as much and it lasts a lot longer. I agree with most complaints about the smaller Zing It but they simply don't apply with the 2.2mm version.
i dont know which zingit ive used but i hated it. alwaystangled when id throw it. ive been using the new orange stuff that sherrill sells all last year and love it. its not near as strong but i rarely pull trees with a throw line ;)
I like the zing-it for those high altitude crotchs. 100+ feet with a 12 0z. bag.

When it's new zing-it has a finnish that make it a little stiffer and less prone to tangles. I use the Faultimer cube and found out after the finish wears off zing-it,, it tangles more, and I have to watch more carefully how I flake the line in the cube. It helps.
I haven't broke out my throwline in ages.

Dang, that is one of my favorite and cheapest tools; but i enter SRT/ no spikes.

Also though; i set myself up for travel horizontally, sometimes by setting a rig line in a giant upside down U. This spreads out the loading, gives 2 areas to lower stuff from (off each side of the roof etc.) and i can (myself or)have ground control hold 1 end as i tie off on another (while still tied to lifeline) swing or lower my heavy carcass to another zone (or anyplace in between). i can also speedline (or as i say use line as gravity bender; funny, new guy won't go and get a gravity bender the day after being sent for the blue sky hook) to a section on a either leg of U (or the horizontal / cross bar if 1 end is higher) to go further than the U too.

Other stuff too; other lines etc.; by using throwline as first chess move in game. i like playing it as a thinking game and no spikez; sometimes this s-lows me down; especially when i first started with it and was on the steep end of the L-earning curve. But, many times anymore; it saves time as my st-age is over the hill!

i also preset main rigs; like look at taking a large piece out with 2 lines; so i pre rig the far end of a horizontal; and install a line on a support over cutting end. Then, just go up and butt tie and cut etc.

On palms to be removed (or pines with blowed out tops etc.) i throw over top or top weak twig; place a running bowline around tree and pull up with the end of the throwline. Now, this will close around trunk too early; so i place control/pull leg of throwline threw/under/inside running bowline. Now as running bowline trys to close (or does) i back up and keep running bowline forced open until it is as high as strength of stem can take the pulling over force. This high leverage advantage point gives thicker hinge and better steering; for more confidance; even sometimes bring palm down across driveway; very slowly on a very thick hinge (into wide open face, no dutch). You can pull line up as high as ya want; with the smallest stob or baby branch high(as long as it doesn't break). A real, real time saver; when the other option is to climb and set line or piece out; especially if doing several palms at one location; especially if high, loose bark/palm boots. If pine with blowed out top; and has a low branch or 2, throwline over the lower branch(es) draped; and as long as there is a baby branch or anything (even in another tree over pine) do same trick.

i have at least 2 throwlines at a job. Another thing inventednessisms do is sell more jobs if they look real slick!
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MB - we cant all get a crane ride to the top!

Think I just need some thicker / slicker stuff.
Man, I hardly trim at all anymore. People don't wanna spend money on trims, all they're concerned with is spending money on stuff they HAVE to have done, like construction or dead/hazard trees.
I got some of that New England "Dyna Glide." I like it better than the old "Zing it." ...But everytime I order any tree gear, I just have to laugh at the cheesy names people give the stuff we use.
I use the 1.75mm and love the heck outta it.

I'm fairly accurate with it, definately not a master class, but enough that I haven't needed my big shot in a long time.

I normally use a 10 oz bag.
I like the thin yellow zing-it, for some reason the red stuff i bought was tangle prone. The yellow snatches a loop a tangle sometimes but I can generally untangle it in a minute, maybe two. The thick yellow zing it is good too but I can't get the same loft with it as I can with the skinny stuff.

I used some dynaglide for few days and it wasn't very slick, got hung up in the tree pretty often.
Flingit, and Zing-it, have taken a back seat. The New England stuff is the hot ticket. No tangles sails upwards real nice. Little more cost but much better than the other two.
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howabout that Neon 3 stuff?
Mine was given to me. Perhaps I should have given it a better shot.

I never did like fling it, as they ripped off Samson's idea down to the name.
I'm with lj...kinda low-class to steal the name. They have a decent product. They shoulda called it something different. That company blatantly tries to ride the backs of the big 3.

With the zing-it, you do have to decide- do you want the thicker, easier on the hands version, or the thinner, flies higher, and doesn't last as long version.

Dyna-glide. Too loosey-goosey. I didn't like how quick the color wore off and how fast the rope started to fray compared to zing-it.

Neon 3? Who has a link?

I've been using the Dynaglide for a while now. I like it alright but have found myself going back to my 1.75 Zing-it. Biggest problem I have with dyna-glide (or any of the light, small diameter throwline) is tangling when I really heave one up there with serious force, or use a big shot. I use it alot since i mostly do pruning and a bad tangle ruins my day so when ayone hears about a good, light, strong small diameter line that won't tangle, please, let me know. Yeah right.
I use it alot since i mostly do pruning and a bad tangle ruins my day so when ayone hears about a good, light, strong small diameter line that won't tangle, please, let me know. Yeah right.

That's the truth, they ALL tangle, especially with a bigshot. So really, rather than looking for a line that doesn't tangle, maybe we should be looking for a line that's easy to untangle.