This has never happened

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To me any way. Just took this for payment on work. I think I will sell it?


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Butch the forum would not let me delete that first pic?
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Job took about 3.5 hours I had no dump fees. So I came out came out pretty good.
I did tell them the car was worth more than the work. He didn't seem to care.
Weren't you telling me 6 months ago about your transportation woes with that junk car (totalled/rebuilt Dodge Neon I think?) that kept breaking down? Looks like somebody is trying to help you out a little. Congratulations, it looks like a fine car. :)
I've been trying to do that for quite a while to get a car for my daughter and haven't been able to do it. For some unknown reason the used car guys that I have done tree work for have been like, well, dealing with a used car salesman.
Ahhhh. I have a friend who drove one of those for several years. He liked it alot. Unfortunately some goofball T-boned him by running a stop sign, totaled the Intrepid, but my buddy walked away.